Suffixes & examples

  1. acr/o
  2. carcin
  3. don/o
  4. fluor/o
  5. glyc/o
  6. pharmac/o
  7. physi/o
  8. practition/o
  9. sect/o
  10. micro
  11. ceph(al)gia
  12. arthralgia
    joint pain
  13. otalgia
    ear ache
  14. cysto-cele
    bladder hernia
  15. recto cele
    hernia of the rectum
  16. encephalo cele
    hernia of the brain
  17. gastro-dynia
    stomach pain
  18. masto-dynia
    breast pain
  19. hemat emeiss
    vomiting of blood
  20. glyc emia
    sugar in the blood
  21. pneumon ia
    inflammation of the lung
  22. enter itis
    inflamed small intestine
  23. stomat itis
    inflamed mouth
  24. spondyl itis
    inflamed verterbra
  25. hemo olysis
    breakdown of blood
  26. cerebro malacia
    softening of the brain
  27. chondro malacia
    softening of cartilage
  28. viscero megaly
    enlargement of internal organs
  29. lip oma
    tumor containing fat
  30. myoma
    tumor of muscle
  31. nephr osis
    abnormal condition of the kidney
  32. uretero pathy
    disease process of the ureter to the bladder for the passage of urine
  33. cyto penia
    deficiency of cells
  34. acro phobia
    fear of heights
  35. blepharo ptosis
    drooping eyelid
  36. nephro ptosis
    drooping kidney
  37. hemo ptysis
    spitting up blood
  38. hemo rrage
    bursting forth of blood; bleeding
  39. gastro rrhagia
    bleeding from the stomach
  40. oto rrhea
    discharge from the ear
  41. spleno rrhexis
    ruptured spleen
  42. arterio sclerosis
    hardening of the arteries
  43. blepharso spasm
    sudden, involuntarily contraction of the eyelid
  44. phlebo stenosis
    narrowing of veins
  45. neuro pathy
    disease of the nerve
  46. microencephaly
    small brain
  47. lymphangio gram
    record of the lymph vessel
  48. cardio graph
    instrument to record heart activity
  49. mammo graphy
    producing images pf the breast
  50. myelo graphy
    producing of images of the breast
  51. cranio meter
    instrument used to measure the skull
  52. pelvi metry
    measurement of the pelvis
  53. bi opsy
    procedure involving the removal of a piece of living tissue
  54. broncho scope
    instrument used to visually examine the interior of the bronchus
  55. broncho scopy
    process of visually rxamining the bronchus
  56. abdomino centesis
    surgical puncture to remove fluid from the abdomen
  57. thoraco centesis
    surgical puncture of the chest wall to remove excess fluid from around the lungs
  58. arthro desis
    surgical fusion of a joint
  59. oophor ectomy
    excision of the ovary
  60. tonsill ectomy
    excision of the tonsils
  61. nephro pexy
    surgical fixation of the kidney
  62. orchido plasty
    surgical reconstruction of the testicles
  63. colp rrhaphy
    suturing of the vagina
  64. hemo stasis
    stoppage of blood
  65. trache ostomy
    new opening in the trachea
  66. myo tome
    instrument used to cut muscle
  67. teno tomy
    process of cutting tendon
  68. adipo cyte
    fat cell
  69. histio cyte
    tissue cell
  70. chondro plasia
    formation of cartilage
  71. hemato poiesis
    production of blood
  72. carcino genic
    producing cancer
  73. oste oid
    resembling bone
  74. bronchi ole
    small bronchus
  75. cardi ac
    pertaining to the heart
  76. ren al
    pertaining to the kidney
  77. mamm ary
    pertaining to the breast
  78. pharyng eal
    pertaining to the throat
  79. gastr ic
    pertaining to the stomach
  80. ven ous
    pertaining to a vein
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