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  1. What is the formula for the speed of sound
    38.94 x /Temp K0
  2. What is the Mach number of an Aircraft
  3. how does a Machmeter Function
    By Blending dynamic pressure (Airspeed) and static Pressure (Altitude) inputs
  4. What is the only factor that affects the speed of sound though Air?
    The Air's Temperature
  5. How does the speed of sound Vary with Air Temp Change?
    Air Temp goes up - so does the LSS
  6. How does the Speed of sound vary with Altitude and Why?
    Decreases because of decreasing temp
  7. How does Mach Number change when climbing at constant IAS/CAS?
    Mach no will increase
  8. Why does Mach number increase during a climb in constant IAS/CAS in the ISA?
    Because the density error is increasing and the LSS is decreasing
  9. How does Mach no change when climbing at a constant TAS?
    Mach no will increase
  10. Why does Mach number increase in a climb at a constant TAS in the ISA?
    Becasue LSS decreases
  11. How does TAS change when decending at a constant Mach No in ISA conditions between FL350 and FL200? Why?
    TAS will increase due to the increasing Temp and therefore increasing speed of sound.
  12. How does TAS change when decending at a constant MAch No in ISA between FL370 and FL390 . why?
    TAS will remain constant as the ISA temp and therefore LSS remains constant
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