Astronomy Chapter 14

  1. radio galaxy
    a galaxy that is a strong source of radio signals
  2. active galaxy
    a galaxy whose center emits large amounts of excess energy often in the form of radio emission
  3. active galaxy nuclei
    the centerrs of active galaxies that are emitting large amounts of excess energy
  4. Seyfert galaxy
    an otherwise normal spiral galaxy with an unusual bright, small core that fluctuates in brightness
  5. quasar
    small, powerful sources of energy believed to be the active cores of very distant galaxies
  6. double-exhaust model
    the theory that double radio lobes are produced by pairs of jets emitted in opposite directions from the centers of active galaxies
  7. hot spot
    in radio astronomy, a bright spot in a radio lobe
  8. unified model
    an attempt to explain the different types of active galactic nuclei using a single model viewed from different locations
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Astronomy Chapter 14
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