more neuron crap(exam4)

  1. what two forms does a nerve impulse have to take to travel from pt.A to pt.B?
    • 1.excitability or irritability
    • 2.conductivity
  2. what is excitability or irritability?
    nerve impulse traceling along a single neuron->electrical event
  3. what is conductivity?
    nerve impulse traceling between adjacent neurons-> chemical event
  4. what does excitability of a neuron depend upon?
    being polarized
  5. what is plasma membrane composed of?
    and is it a good or poor electrical conductor?
    it is composed of phospholipids therefor a poor electrical conductor
  6. the plasma membrane separates 2 good conductors, what are they and why are they good conductors?
    • a.extracellular fluid and interacellular fluid are good conductors
    • b. because they contain lots of "ions"
  7. ions in the 2 solutions attempt to reach equilibrium as a result of what 2 forces?
    • a)concentration forces
    • b)electrical forces
  8. what are concentration forces?
    high concentration to low concentration
  9. what is electrical forces?
    opposite charges attract, & like charges repel
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