Renal Dose Adjustments

  1. Why are SCr values now standardized?
    • Decrease variability among laboratories
    • Improve reliability of eGFR results
  2. What weight should be used to calculate the CG CrCl equation?
    • Actual
    • Unless the patient is 30% greater than IBW, then use Adjusted body weight
  3. What is a requirement of the patient's renal function when calculating CrCl?
    Stable renal function
  4. What are some limitations of using CG CrCl?
    • Overestimates renal function
    • Not re-expressed with standardized SCr values
    • Use in elderly patients- should we round SCr to 1.0?
    • Use in obese patients- not sure what weight to use
  5. What are some clinical pearls of CrCl?
    • Used most frequently in practice
    • Preferred method for drug dosing
  6. What are some limitations for MDRD?
    • Use of SCr
    • Underestimates GFR
    • Not validated for drug dosing
    • Not tested in elderly patients, low weight patients or some ethnic groups
    • Less accurate at higher GFRs (Reason we say > 60 instead of an exact number)
  7. What are the clinical pearls for MDRD?
    • Population screening tool
    • Reported with most lab data
    • Pysicians constantly referring to this to dose medications
    • Can be used for dosing if adjusted for body surface area
  8. What are some limitations of CKD-EPI?
    • Complex equation
    • Not validated in children, pregnant women, and some ethnic subgroups
    • Not adapted into clinical practice
    • Not validated for drug dosing
  9. What is a clinical pearl of CKD-EPI?
    More accurate with eGFR > 60 ml/min/1.73 m2
  10. What are the units for weight and heigh in the Salazar-Corcoran equation?
    • Kg
    • Meters
  11. In what patient population is the salazar-corcoran equation most commonly used?
    Morbidly obese patients
  12. What are some limitations of the salazar-corcoran equation?
    • Only for morbidly obese patients
    • Not commonly used in practice
  13. What is a clinical pearl of the salazar-corcoran equation?
    Uses fat-free body mass
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