1. ere
  2. heath
    a tract or open wasteland
  3. anon
    in a short time
  4. plight
    a condition that is unfortunintite or unfavorable
  5. broil
    to be subjected to great heat
  6. disdain
    a feeling of contempt
  7. brandish
    to shake or wave a weapon
  8. direful
    dredful, awful or terriable
  9. valor
    boldness or determination in facing great danger as in battle
  10. furbish
    to restore to freshness of apperence or good condition
  11. heralad
    a messenger
  12. liege
    a feudal lord entitled to allegiance and service to a feudal lod
  13. harbinger
    anything that foreshadows a future event
  14. missives
    written messages or letters
  15. impede
    to slow movement or progress by means of obstacles
  16. metaphysical
  17. compunctious
    causing or feeling regretful
  18. pall
    a cloth, for spreading over a coffin
  19. beguile
    to charm, delude or deceive
  20. sovereign
    a monarch, a king, or queen, or other supreme ruler
  21. dupe
    a person who is easily deceived or fooled
  22. buttress
    any external prop or support built to steady a structure
  23. mettle
    courage and fortitude
  24. repose
    being at rest
  25. entreat
    to ask earestly
  26. cleave
    adhear closely, to remain faithful
  27. largess
    a generous giving of gifts
  28. augment
    to make change to become larger
  29. surfeit
    an excessive amount
  30. infirm
    feeble or weak in body or health
  31. gild
    to coat with gold
  32. porter
    gate keeper, door opener
  33. equivocator
    one who intentionaly speaks ambiquously
  34. requite
    to make repayment or return for
  35. clamor
    a loud uproar
  36. temperate
  37. auger
    to drill or to pierce
  38. malice
    ill will or with hate
  39. consort
    a husband or wife especially of a reigning monarch
  40. thither
    to or into that place; yonder
  41. benison
    a blessing
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