Adwords Study

  1. a co-worker needs to log into someone elses adwords account to make changes and manage access levels. which would be the appropriate adwords accounts access level to assign that co-worker:
  2. what should an advetiser use to organize ad groups:
    Common themes
  3. an advertiser who appears prominently in natural google search results should consider also running paid google search ads to:
    control keyword and ad text selection for paid ads
  4. which potential factor does google use to calculate a search campaigns recomended daily budget:
  5. what happens when an advertiser sets a daily budget lower than the recommended amount, using “standard” delivery method:
    not show every time a user searches
  6. An advertiser using standard delivery notices at around 4pm that the daily budget for one campaign has been reached. ads have stopped serving for this campaign, but other campaigns are still running as normal. the most likely cause for this is that the:
    Ad accrued clicks quickly
  7. which is a best practice for creating effective ad text:
    include prices and promotions
  8. which is a best practice for optimizing a display ad campaign:
    create multiple display ads with diff. colors and font
  9. which might negatively affect the performance of a video ad on the google display network:
    content in the form of a running list of statistics about the company
  10. How can advertisers using click-to-play video ads grab the attention of their viewers?
    deliver key messages early in the video ad
  11. one reason to set a CPC bid limit when using automatic bidding is to ensure that:
    The adwords system does not bid more than the advertiser has determined the click is worth
  12. which is a benefit of search advertising with google adwords
    extended reach to search partners
  13. “automatic placements” on the networks tab displays:
    performance on websites throughout the GDN
  14. an advertiser wants to increase CTR. which would help eliminate irrelevant impressions:
    Add negative keywords to the Ad Group
  15. adwords advertising policies are designed to:
    ensure users see ads that are relevant to a given search query
  16. how does the creation of ad groups with closely-related keyword lists improve GDN campaign performance:
    The ads will be placed on more relevant sites
  17. a best practice for optimizing ad text is to:
    test multiple variations in each ad group
  18. placement-targeted and context-target ads compete for placement on pages accross the GDN based on:
    Ad Rank-
  19. a keyword with a very low CTR will usually receive:
    a low quality score on the Google search Network
  20. which is true of negative keywords on the GDN
    the system compares neg key with the content of the placements, and if ther is a match, ads are less likely to appear on those placements
  21. negative keywords can help advertisers target their ads to potential customers and increase:
    the CTR of their ads
  22. a client would like to see data in adwords that includes clicks and impressions. which is the minimum account access level that can be granted that includes this info:
    Email-Only (you can get a report with clicks and impressions)
  23. which best describes the way keywords and placements work together in an ad group to determine where ads are shown:
    Ads are contextually targeted across the selected placements
  24. prospective client with a flower delivery business serving only one state is intimidated by the global reach of the internet and does not think adwords would be a wise business investment. which adwords features should be highlighted to address this concern:
    daily budget, location targeting
  25. during campaign creation, advertisers can choose to place their ads on:
    the search and display networks
  26. two ways to identify a keyword’s quality score are to view the quality score column and to:
    click on the speech bubble icon next to that keyword
  27. an advertiser is focused primarily on direct response, as opposed to branding. the advertiser should delete keywords from a search campaign if the keywords:
    generate many impressions and very few conversions
  28. the main benefit of location targeting is that advertisers can:
    target any combination of countries, territories, and regions
  29. an advertiser wants to find out why there are no impression on a keyword. what steps can the advertiser take to quickly diagnosis the issue:
    Hover over the speech bubble next to the keyword
  30. the primary function of the google website optimizer is to:
    test versions of a websites content and layout
  31. Adding placements to an ad group:
    does not affect the Quality score for search
  32. Grouping similar keywords together in an ad group will:
    allow an advertiser to creat ads relevant to those keywords
  33. Susan has added only these keywords to her ad group “wedding dress”, [designer wedding dress], -[cheap wedding]. which search queries could potentially trigger her ads:
    cheap wedding dress
  34. The keyword tool is used to:
    find new keyword for ad campaigns
  35. phrase match triggers an ad to appear when a search query
    includes the keyword in its exact sequence
  36. the maximum CPC bid is the:
    most an an advertiser is willing to pay for each click on an ad
  37. Which formula represents how AdRank is determined on google search:
    maximum CPC multiplied by Quality Score
  38. Which line of ad text would be disapproved based on googles advertising policies:
    Best Deals - Click here
  39. An advertiser creates a new ad for an ad group that advertisers diamond necklaces. to which page of the website should ad’s destination URL lead:
    Pearl and Diamond Necklaces
  40. which is one characteristic of the “accelerated” delivery method
    Ads are shown as frequently as possible until budget is exhausted
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