1. american banker, industrialist, philanthropist, art collector, Secretary of Treasury
    Andrew Melon
  2. 31st president of the us. originaly mining engineer and author
    herbert hoover
  3. teacher who taught evolution in schools
    john t scopes
  4. 29th president of us. influential self made newspaper publisher
    warren harding
  5. strong anti-communism periods
    red scare
  6. literature writer about materialism and rich kids
    f scott fitzgerald
  7. over 200 killed in this ship sinking, spain blamed for it
    maine battleship
  8. u.s. senator and secretary of state under abraham lincoln and andrew johnson
    william seward
  9. only president with ph. d
    woodrow wilson
  10. important ot move america's frontier line
    turner thesis
  11. influential american publisher
    henry luce
  12. bribes from oil company to take possession of naval petrol reserves
    teapot dome scandal
  13. supported naturalization of immigrants
    national security league
  14. attorney general under harding and coolidge
    harry daughtry
  15. started back to africa movement, deported to jamaica
    marcus garvey
  16. attempt at peace between us and mexico
    niagra falls conference
  17. stated that the us had right to intervene in latin america affairs
    roosevelet corollary
  18. regulated use of radios in us
    federal radio commision
  19. signed by us and panama, established the panama zone and making of the panama canal
    hay-bunau-varilla treaty
  20. physician in cuba that studied yellow fever
    carlos finlay
  21. peace treaty with china that called for 33 million in damage
    boxer protocol
  22. letter that said us wanted equal trading rights with european countries
    open door policy
  23. puerto ricans were citizens of us
    jones act
  24. recognized phillippines as territory of us but citizens were not American
    organic act
  25. declared independence from spain and established a new government
    emilio aguilnaldo
  26. gives us control of cuba until independence, annexed puerto rico, guam and phillippines
    treaty of paris
  27. created cuban revolutionalry party in florida
    jose marti
  28. said navy was most powerful part of military
    alfred mahan
  29. led revolution in Hawaii under queen lily
    sanford dole
  30. attorney general for us in 1921
    general a mitchell palmer
  31. picked by roosevelet to run for president, had many anti-trust actions
    william taft
  32. allowd us to interven in cuban affairs but they had their independence
    platt amendment
  33. us would take off tariffs of hawaiin goods
    treaty of washington
  34. associate justice in the supreme court
    louis brandeis
  35. former president with many anti-trust actions
    theodore roosevelt
  36. germany forced to sign, pay 33 billion to allies
    treaty of Versailles
  37. wilson's idea of allied countries
    league of nations
  38. wilsons speech that said ww1 was being fought for peace
    fourteen points
  39. had great influence over woodrow wilson, especially in foreign affairs
    edward house
  40. could not speak against us military
    sedition act
  41. could not interfere with military operations in us
    espionage act
  42. made to find out what caused us to get into WWI
    us nye commitee
  43. day after stock market crash
    black tuesday
  44. landmark american legal case in where Scopes was accused of teaching evolution at state funded school
    monkey trial
  45. immigration requirments directed at asians
    national origins act of 1924
  46. makes trade possible for everyone in us
    national association of manufacturers
  47. act to monitor production of alcohol during prohibition
    volstead act
  48. new literature writer
    ts elliot
  49. claims british were giving ships to mexico
    alabama claims
  50. taft causes split in republican party, wilson beats roosevelt
    election of 1912
  51. benefitted northerners, raised tariffs on manufactured goods but not agricultural ones
    payne-aldrich tariff act
  52. investigative journalist who tried to expose ballinger
    george creel
  53. navy gneral
    william sims
  54. known for the flight around the world
    charles lindbergh
  55. part of teapot dome scandal, governor of new mexico
    albert fall
  56. passed laws to help central powers as much as allied powers
    german-american national alliance
  57. mexican war visionary, one man army, never found by us
    pancho villa
  58. us will not recognize goverment that is not under consent of the governed
    wilson doctrine
  59. wrote the jungle and caused meat packing industries a lot of damage
    upton sinclair
  60. germanys promise to stop attacking unarmed ships
    sussex pledge
  61. series of notes from woodrow wilson that warned germany to stop using submarine warfare
    lusitania notes
  62. sunk by uboat, accidentally shot down
  63. using submarines
    unrestricted submarine warfare
  64. controversy with pinchot
  65. workers went on strike for labor union, 9 hour workday, and pay increase. first time president got involved in labor dispute
    1902 coal strike
  66. chief of agriculure/us forest service. had controversy with ballinger
  67. us federal agency that controls all parks
    national park service
  68. congress promised to go after monopolies, created department of labor and commerce
    Expedition act
  69. gave cuba control after revolution
    teller amendment
  70. assasinated william mckinley
    leon czolgosz
  71. prohibited dumping into bodies of water that could be navigated on
    refuse act
  72. ended prohibition
  73. dictated presidential term lenght and what happens if president dies
  74. womens suffrage
  75. prohibition
  76. direct election of us senators
  77. created income tax
  78. part of new literature movemetn, wrote in pointlessness of war and how society was getting worse
    ernest hemingway
  79. came before central powers, didnt include ottoman empire or turkey
    triple alliance
  80. germany, italy, turkey, ottoman empire, austria-hungary
    central powers
  81. using a nations resource as much as needed, germany allowed austria hungary
    blank check
  82. allowed us to draft 18 year olds
    selective service act
  83. assassinated archduke francis ferdinand, serbian, black hands, catalyst in wwi
    gavrilo princip
  84. message intercepted that germany would aid mexico if it attacked us
    zimmerman telegraph
  85. made it illegal to transport rotten or poisoned food, required labels on produce
    pure food and drug act
  86. set minimum standard on sellable meat
    meat inspection act
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