med surg

  1. what jobs/ interventions can the assistive personnel perform "legally" within the scope of practice for the Tennessee Board of Nursing
    Enemas and oxygen
  2. Surgery can cause ____ and _____ stress on the older adult surgical patient
    physical and emotional
  3. the nurse wants to make sure that they teach the older surgical patient __ and __ operative
    pre and post
  4. what information must a nurse provide a patient post operative hernia repair prior to discharge
    what activitites they can and cant do waht nutritional status
  5. Each system of the body is affected by the patients
    age,physical condition, nutritional status, and mental status
  6. eye contact is disrespectful to whom
    southest asians and native americans
  7. how should the nurse prepare the bed to recieve a patient post operatively
    basin next to bed minimize stimulation
  8. when the patient only has vague responses post operatively the nusre will give waht nursing diagnosis related to postoperative knowledge
    impaired verbal impaired cognition
  9. how does the nurse instruct the patient to TCDB
    lack on knowledge
  10. what is informed onsent the nurse is responsibel for what
    permission to perform a specific test or procedure witnessing
  11. what is normal perstalsis.. how long should a nurse ausculate bowel sounds post operative
    1 min each quadrant 5-30 gurgles.
  12. when should preoperative teaching be performed
    1-2 days before surgery
  13. why are serum potassium levels done pre-operative
    if extensive surgery is planned or pt has associated dx.
  14. name the ifferent phases of surgery
    pre intra post
  15. what are s/s of pulmonary embolus
    cyanosis,sudden cheast pain , decrese potassium levels can cause dysrythmias, dyspnea
  16. an incidental appendectomy would be classified as
    wrong site minor ablative elective
  17. how soon should anitcoagulents be D/C prior to surgery
    48 hours
  18. name some interventions for TCDB
    put a pillow on lower abdominal
  19. waht are the most common cardia complications of the surgery
    hypoventilation and dysrythmias
  20. what is the 1st s/s of hemorrage post overatively
  21. hypoventilation post-operatively is cause by what
    drugs insicional pain obestity, cronic lung disease or pressure on the diaphrams
  22. preoperative interventions are clarified and signed by the nurse prior to surgery on what type of document
    informed consent preopartive checklist
  23. if a wound eviscerates , what would a nurse do
    contact MD (spring) immediately cover wit hsterile towel and warm saline,fowlers postion and prepare for pt for surgery
  24. a patient that is 24 hours post operative should be assessed for pain with pain medicatiosn administered prn every
    3 to 4 hours to prevent severe pain
  25. early ambulation minimizes the effect of
    venous status ...however spelled
  26. who is responsible for pusing the button for a pca pump
    the pt and NOBODY>>>>ELSe
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