Reproductive CH. 52

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  1. What is monophasic contraception?
    Provide a fixed dosage of estrogen and progestin throughout the cycle.
  2. Oral contraceptives containing progestin are likeley to have?
  3. Depo-Provera?
    Long acting progestin provides highly effective birth control for 3 months when administered as a single injection of 150mg.
  4. How often is norgestrel and ethinyl given when used for emergency postinfective contraception?
    As soon after intercourse as possible & another dose 12hrs later.
  5. Seasonale?
    Levonorgestrel/ethinyl estradiol, 91 day regimen in which women can prdicct havinig a menstral cycle Q 3 month, Increased risk for blood clots, myocardial infarction, and stroke
  6. Combo that treats post partum breast engorgment?
    Estrogen & Androgen
  7. Belief about relationship of the use of combination oral contraceptives and development of thromboembolism?
    Combination of Estrogen & Progestrogin.
  8. Provera must be used carefully in people with?
    Sodium and Fluid retention.
  9. Due to fluid retention likely to occur with long term estrogen therapy, the client must?
    Check Blood Pressure.
  10. Action of estrogens in oral contraceptives is to?
    Suppress the release of FSH form the anterior pituitary gland so FSH induced ovulation is prevented & a viable ovum is not released by the ovary.
  11. Hormone that causes stimulation of the corpus luteum?
    Estrogen-releases LH by anterior pituitary
  12. Progestin Agent?
    • Used with caution in Pts with cardiac disorders, asthma, epilepsy, or migrane headaches.
    • Serious Adverse Effects: menstrual irregularities, Jaundice & Thrombotic disease.
  13. Estrogens cause what adverse effects?
    Nausea, Vomiting, breast swelling & fluid retention.
  14. Estrogens are used for?
    women who have had their ovaries removed or have experienced symptomatic menopause.
  15. Mini Pill contains?
  16. Clomiphene citrate may cause what problems?
    Blurred vision & adverse ocular effects, ovarian cysts, and increase in multifetuses.
  17. Menotrophins and urofollopian are used in conjunction with?
  18. Androgens are used in Tx of?
    Postpartum breast engorgment & Vasomotor symptoms of menopause.
  19. Estrogen can affect what lab test?
    Hepatic, Adrenal,Thyroid function, Papsmear, & Blood clotting determinations.
  20. If you forget to take an Estrogen Progestin combination oral contraceptive, what do you do?
    Take it ASAP!
  21. When women take combination oral contraceptive, what is the norm of menstrual flow?
    Decrease in amount.
  22. If you think you are pregnant and you are taking progestins, you should?
    Discontinue & see the Doctor.
  23. Clients taking androgens for their metabolic effect?
    Increase muscle formation, enhanced ability to retain dietary protein, and Athletes.
  24. If a person is taking Clomid and has visual symptoms, what should she do?
    Stop taking it, See Doctor, Refer to an Opthamologist.
  25. Menotrophins and human chorionic gonadotropin has experienced indications of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. She should be?
    Immediately Hospitalized.
  26. Danazol is used as a treatment for?
    Endometriosis & relieving symptoms of fibrocystic breast disease.
  27. Beta Blockers will cause what type of sexual disfunction?
    Erectile Dysfunction (ED).
  28. Cialis?
    Absorb-not affected by food, remains effective longer, reaches peak in 30-60 minutes.
  29. Self care instructions for clients going home on a terbutaline pump?
    Injection site care, dressing changes, pump care.
  30. Why does oxytocin increase during the last 9weeks of pregnancy?
    Uterine musculature becomes more responsive to it reducing the dose required to initiate contractions.
  31. Late second trimester abortion?
    A live fetus may be delivered.
  32. The nurse needs to evaluate the patient's ability to manage terbutaline pump. How?
    Model and explain the procedure to the nurse.
  33. Rh0 (D) immune globulin is administered?
    Intramuscularly to nonsensitized Rh negative moms after delivery of Rh+ baby.
  34. Pitocin is indicated for?
    To initiate or stimulate labor.
  35. Why are Ergot derivitives not generally used for inducing labor?
    Cause powerful contractions could harm the fetus.
  36. The most common adverse effect with the use of prostaglandins?
    Nausea, Vomiting, Diarrhea.
  37. Ritodine HCL acts by?
    inhibiting the contractability of uterine smooth muscle and prolongs gestation period.
  38. Parlodel is usedin OB why?
    lactation suppressant.
  39. Pounding maternal pulse, increased maternal blood pressure, moist respirations are S/S of what?
    Hypertensive crisis, uterine rupture, fetal arrhythmia, or death.
  40. Adverse effects of Ritodrine?
    Palpatation/tremor,Nausea, nervousness, skin rash, increase pulse, BP, insomnia, anxiety, headache, and pulmonary edema.
  41. Decrease Pitocin rate when?
    Adverse effects Pitocin infustion.
  42. Methergine and Ergotrate are most often used?
    Excessive uterine bleeding, postpartum, and uterine tone.
  43. The local tingling feeling and general warm sensation that may accompany injection of hypertonic saline to induce abortion are?
    Emptying of the gravid uterus-NORMAL.
  44. Tell about prostaglandins used to induce abortion?
    Uterine stimulants used for induction of 2nd trimester abortion.
  45. Self care instructions for client d/c on Ritodine HCL?
    Bedrest & No sex.
  46. A drug used to stimulate the ejection of milk?
  47. Prostin E2 is administered as?
    Intravaginally, every 3-4hrs, frozen.
  48. Rh(D) immune globulin (Rhogam) should be administered within what time frame after delivery?
  49. Prostoglandins are most commonly used to?
    Stimulate uterine contractions during pregnancy between 12th & 20th wk.
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