Pharmacology Exam

  1. parathyroid hormone increases the serum calcium level in all of the following ways
    *except--increase production of Ca in bones
  2. sx of thyroid storm are
    *all of the above--CHF, increased temp, tachycardia
  3. admin of Ca
    *all except---rapid infusion
  4. nursing dx for pt taking thyroid meds
    disturbed sleep pattern related to thyroid dysfunction
  5. admin lypressin (diapid) intranasally
    *should not be inhaled
  6. s/s of hypocalcemia
    *all except N&V
  7. safety precautions to be taken for admin of tracer dose of I131
    *no contact with children for about a week
  8. what s/s assoc with propylthiouracil (PTU) should be reported promtly to dr
    skin rash and sore throat
  9. why would someone receive PTU 100 mg/day instead of 300 mg/day
  10. drug most similar to PTU is
    tapazole or methimiazol
  11. prior to admin thyroid preparations to hypothyroid pts, first
    check pulse rate
  12. hypothyroid pts are very sensitive to
    sedatives and hypnotics
  13. signs that hypothyroid pt is moving toward euthyroid state
    increased pulse, decreased weight, and increased strength and endurance
  14. untreated diabetes insipidus will exhibit
    large outpt of urine
  15. education for hypothyroidism should be instructed that tx may take how long
    several weeks before euthyroid
  16. when admin lugol's solution or a saturated solution of potassium iodide what do you do
    hold container, dilute with small amt of liquid
  17. s/s of iodism
    soreness of gums and increased salivation
  18. I131 of iodism
    *true statement--may result in hypothyroidism as long as 10 yrs
  19. when clients are taking oral anticoagulants and then start on PTU they should do what
    decrease anticoagulant
  20. drug that is used during the tx of a thyroid storm to alleviate adrenergic problems is
  21. antithyroid drugs are unsafe for whom
    *not true--unsafe for pregnant women and nursing mothers
  22. tx of children with growth disturbances using a human growth hormone product
    *not true--almost any growth deficiency can be treated with this product
  23. corticotrophin (ACTH) and pts that are diabetic
    *true--diabetics that take ACTH may need to increase insulin
  24. daily nursing assessment of pts taking vasopressin
    daily determination: weight, I&O and BP
  25. hyperthyroid pts exhibit what sx
    *which one---tachycardia
  26. in monitoring pts on PTU, the nurse must be particularly watchful for what
  27. a reason for limiting the use of iodides in the tx of hyperthyroidism
    thyroid escape
  28. propranolol is used in the tx of hyperthyroidism
    *tx of cardiovascular effect
  29. desiccated thyroid is most likely to cause
  30. does T4 have a longer duration of action than T3
  31. what is more potent than human calcitonin
    salmon calcitonin
  32. acromegaly
    glandular condition that only occurs in adults
  33. U500 insulin is used
    *all except strength of dose --does not cause lipodystrophy
  34. correct way to mix insulin
    *which--draw clear (regular) then cloudy
  35. what electrolyte disturbance does a person experiencing ketoacidosis have
    *monitor for hypokalemia (electrolyte disturbance)
  36. what are the advantages of using an insulin pump
    *include--"on demand" and eat whenever
  37. mechanism of action of the glitazones
    sensitize body to insulin present
  38. what are some oral combination hypoglycemic agents
  39. sx associated with type 2 diabetic clients
    *not a sx--ketosis
  40. what are the actions of insulin
    *not an action--decreased GI absorption dietary glucose
  41. name some intermediate acting insulins
  42. insulin that can be given IV
  43. common name for isophane insulin suspension
  44. sulfonylurea oral hypoglycemic agent that has the longest duration of action
  45. major nursing goal in working with diabetic pt is
  46. hypoglycemia in a type 1 diabetic pt is most likely to r/t
  47. insulin should be _________prior to admin
    bring to room temp---to minimize skin reaction
  48. type 1 diabetes are:
    insulin dependent
  49. if a diabetic is found unconscious from the admin of more insulin than is required to deal with a glucose load is called
    insulin reaction
  50. if a diabetic is found unconscious and the nurse doesnt know the reason why, treat for:
    *give sugar (like hypoglycemic)
  51. glucagon IM should be effective when
    initial dose given IM--effective 15-30 min
  52. teaching for oral hypoglycemic agents
    learn self-care
  53. insulin most similar to human insulin is
  54. glyburide is a
    2nd generation sulfonylurea
  55. alcohol can cause what kind of problems with a person taking a sulfonylurea
    adverse effects
  56. byetta is
    *causes insulin release from pancreas only when serum glucose is increased
  57. clients who take metformin should be aware that
    *should not be given IV contrast within 48 hrs
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