ch. 11 part 1

  1. A small number of people with complementary skills who are commited to a common purpose, set of performance goals, and approach for which they hold themselves mutually accountable.
  2. Teams that make or do things like manufacture, assemble, sell, or provvide service.
    work teams
  3. Teams that work on long-term projects but disband once the work is completed.
    project and development teams
  4. Teams that operate seperatley from the regular work structure, and exist temporarily.
    parallel teams
  5. Teams that coordinate and give direction to the subunits under their jurisdiction and integrate work among subunits.
    management teams
  6. Work groups composed of multinational members whose activites span multiple countries.
    transnational teams
  7. Teams that are physically dispersed and communicate electronically more than face to face.
    virtual teams
  8. Groups that have no managerial responsibilities.
    traditional work groups
  9. Voluntary groups of people drawn from various production teams who make suggestions about quality.
    quality circles
  10. Groups that make decisions about managing and carrying out major production activities but get outside support for quality control and maintenance.
    Semiautonomous work groups
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ch. 11 part 1
ch. 11 part 1