ch. 10 part 3

  1. Factors that make a job more motivating, such as additional job responsibilities, opportunities for personal growth and recognition, and feelings of achievement.
  2. The degree to which individuals want personal and psychological development.
    growth need strength
  3. The process of sharing power with employees, thereby enhancing their confidence in their ability to perform their jobs and their belief that they are influential contributors to the organization.
  4. A theory stating that people assess how fairly the have been treated according to two key factors: outcomes and inputs.
    equity theory
  5. Using a fair process in decision making and making sure others know that the process was as fair as possible.
    procedural justice
  6. Programs designed to create a workplace that enhances employee well - being.
    quality of work life (QWL) programs
  7. A set of perceptions of what employees owe their employers, and what their employers owe them.
    psychological contract
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ch. 10 part 3
ch. 10 part 3