Cosmo Makeup Exam

  1. Color Primer is used to cancel out and help disguise skin discoloration. (T/F)
  2. When the correct foundation color is used and blended wel, a clear line of demarcation should be visible.(T/F)
  3. Translucent powders do not add color when applied over foundation. (T/F)
  4. Lip color should be applied directly fomr the container unless it belongs to the client.(T/F)
  5. When using an eyelash curler, curl the lashes after applying mascara. (T/F)
  6. The oblong face has greater length in proportion to its width than the square or round face. (T/F)
  7. A tinted base make up that is used to color or even out skin coloring is?
  8. One of the newest trends in makeup in a powder form of foundation, which is?
    Mineral Powder
  9. Liquid and Cream forms of foundation are a mixture of water and oil with coloring agents called:
  10. Water-based foundation is most often used for lighter coverage needs, for skin that is classified as:
    oily to combination
  11. A thick foundation that is oil-based, sold in a jar or tin, and may or may not contain water is:
  12. The testing of foundation color should be done on the client's :
  13. Makeup should be blended onto the skin using:
    Disposible Sponges
  14. Foundation should be removed from the container using:
    A spatula
  15. Thick, heavu foundations used to hide dark circles, splotches, and other imperfections are:
  16. Color that is added to the cheeks to add a natural-looking glow is:
  17. When applied properly, lipstick should be even on both sides of the mouth and:
  18. Cosmetics applied on the eyelids to accentuate or contour them are called:
    eye shadows
  19. A darker shade of eye color makes the natural color of the iris appear:
  20. Eye shadow that is lighter than client's skin tone is considered a:
    highlight color
  21. Any color that is significantly deeper or darker than the client's skin tone is considered a:
    Contour Color
  22. Eye pencils and sharpeners should be cleaned:
    before each use
  23. According to the American Medial Association, eye pencils should never be used on the:
    inner rim of the eyes
  24. A cosmetic preparation used to darken, define, and thicken eyelashes is:
  25. When applying mascara to a client, use a mascara wand that is:
  26. Heavy makeup used for theatical purposes is:
  27. Makeup brushes can be cleaned with a brush solvent or:
    gentle shampoo
  28. The metal ring that keeps the bristles and handle of a brush together is the:
  29. Vital to effective makeup applications is a strong understanding of:
    Color theory
  30. A color formed byu mixing equal parts of a secondary color and its neighboring primary color is a:
    tertiary color
  31. Which of the following is a main factor to consider when choosing colors for a client?
    • All of the above
    • -Skin color
    • -Eye color
    • -Hair color
  32. No matter how light or dark the skin is, a neutral skin tone contains equal elements of:
    Warm and Cool
  33. In the consultation area and during the application of makeup, the best light to use is:
    Natural light
  34. The use of shadows (dark shades and colors) is used to:
    accentuate prominent facial features
  35. The Well-Proportioned facial shape considered the ideal is:
  36. When learning corrective makeup techniques, the face is divided into three:
    Horizontal sections
  37. The facial shape that is usually broader in proprtion to its length is the:
    round face
  38. A jaw that is wider than the forehead characterizes the:
    pear-shaped face
  39. To avoid the transfer of foundation onto a client's clothing, set the foundations using:
    translucent powder
  40. The ideal eyebrow shape can be drawn in:
    three lines
  41. Eye lash hairs on a strip that are applied using an adhesive are:
    Band lashes
  42. The procedure of applying individual eyelashes directly on the client's own lashes at the base is called:
    eye tabbing
  43. Obvious line where foundation starts or stops:
    Line of Demarcation
  44. Paste-like cosmetic used to change or enhance the color of the lips:
    lip color
  45. Special preparations for removing eye makeup:
    Eye makeup remover
  46. Color pencil used to outline and emphasize the eyes:
  47. Helps to absorb excess oil and minimizes the shine of oily skin:
    Face Powder
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