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  1. John. F. Kennedy
    Charismatic president whose brief administration experienced domestic stalemate and foreign confrontations with communism
  2. Robert S. McNamara
    Cabinet officer who promoted "flexible response" but came to doubt the wisdom of the Vietnam War he had presided over
  3. Nikita Khrushchev
    Aggressive Soviet leader whose failed gamble of putting missiles in Cuba cost him his job
  4. Martin Luther King, Jr.
    Non-violent black leader whose advocacy of peaceful change came under attack from militants after 1965
  5. Lyndon B. Johnson
    Brilliant legislative operator whose domestic achievements in social welfare and civil rights fell under the shadow of his Vietnam disaster
  6. Barry M. Goldwater
    Conservative Republican whose crushing defeat opened the way for the liberal Great Society programs
  7. James Meredith
    First black student admitted to the University of Mississippi, shot during a civil rights march in 1966
  8. Malcolm X
    Charismatic Black Muslim leader who promoted separatism in the early 1960s
  9. Mario Savio
    Early student activist and leader of the Free Speech Movement at the University of California (at Berkeley)
  10. Eugene J. McCarthy
    Minnesota senator whose anti-war "Children's Crusade" helped force Johnson to alter his Vietnam policies
  11. Robert F. Kennedy
    New York senator whose anti-war campaign for the presidency was ended by an assassin's bullet in June 1968
  12. Richard M. Nixon
    Former vice president who staged a remarkable political comeback to win presidential election in 1968
  13. George C. Wallace
    Third party candidate whose conservative, hawkish 1968 campaign won 9 million votes and carried 5 states
  14. Hubert Humphrey
    Vice president whose loyalty to LBJ's Vietnam policies sent him down to defeat in the 1968 presidential election
  15. Alfred Kinsey
    Controversial Indiana University "sexologist" who documented Americans' changing sexual behavior
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