KIN 2509 Ch 16

  1. aqueous humor
    clear, watery fluid in the anterior and posterior chambers produced by the ciliary body; the tissue fluid of the eyeball that provides nutrients and oxygen to the avascular lens and cornea and aids in maintaining the shape of the front of the eye
  2. binocular vision
    normal vision involving the simultaneous use of both eyes
  3. fundus of the eye
    the posterior, inner part of the eye that can be directly visualized with an ophthalmoscope
  4. intraocular pressure
    the internal pressure of the eye that is regulated by resistance to the flow of aqueous humor
  5. lens
    • a transparent refracting medium, usually made of glass
    • the crystalline lens of the eye
  6. mydriasis
    a pronounced or abnormal dilation of the pupil
  7. optic nerve
    the cranial nerve that transmits impulses from the retina to the cerebral cortex in the brain
  8. pupil
    dark opening in the center of the iris that regulates the amount of light entering the eye by constricting when light increases, and dilating when light decrease
  9. refraction
    the bending of light rays as they pass through the various structures of the eye to bring the rays into focus on the retina
  10. rhodopsin
    the pigment found in the rods of the retina that adapts the eye to dim light; important in night vision
  11. suspensory ligament
    any of a number of ligaments that help support an organ or body structure, such as the suspensory ligaments inside the eye that hold the lens in tension
  12. vitreous humor
    • clear, jellylike substance that fills the posterior chamber
    • transmits light, contributes to intraocular pressure, helps maintain the shape of the eyeball, and keeps the retina in place
  13. aqeu/o
  14. blephar/o
  15. choroid/o
  16. conjunctiv/o
  17. corne/o
  18. aqueous
    relating to a watery substance
  19. blepharospasm
    twitching of the eyelid
  20. choroidopathy
    any disease of the choroid
  21. conjunctivitis
    • inflammation of the conjunctiva
    • AKA pinkeye
  22. corneitis
    inflammation of the cornea
  23. cycl/o
    ciliary body of the eye, circular, cycle
  24. dacry/o
    tear, lacrimal sac
  25. irid/o
  26. kerat/o
    horny tissue, hard cornea
  27. lacrim/o
    tear, lacrimal gland
  28. ophthalm/o
  29. ocul/o
  30. opt/o
    eye, vision
  31. optic/o
    eye, vision
  32. phac/o
  33. pupill/o
  34. cycloplegia
    paralysis of the ciliary body of the eye
  35. dacryocele
    protrusion of a lacrimal sac
  36. iridemia
    bleeding from the iris
  37. keratomalacia
    dryness with ulceration and perforation of the cornea; occurs in early childhood as a result of severe vitamin A deficiency
  38. lacrimal
    pertaining to tears
  39. ophthalmologist
    a physician who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of eye disorders
  40. intraocular
    within the eye
  41. optometrist
    a health-care specialist who examines the eyes and prescribes lenses
  42. phacometer
    instrument for measuring the refractive power of the lens in the eye
  43. pupillometry
    act of measuring the diameter of the pupil
  44. core/o
  45. retin/o
  46. scler/o
    hardening, sclera
  47. vitre/o
  48. ambly/o
    dull, dim
  49. dipl/o
  50. glauc/o
  51. mi/o
    smaller, less
  52. mydr/o
    widen, enlarge
  53. coreoplasty
    surgical procedure to form an artificial pupil
  54. retinal
    pertaining to the retina
  55. scleritis
    inflammation of the schlera (white, opaque portion of the eyeball)
  56. vitreoretinal
    pertaining to the vitreous body and retina
  57. amblyopia
    dim vision
  58. diplopia
    double vision
  59. glaucoma
    a condition in which increased intraocular pressure within the eye damages the retina and optic nerve causing defects in vision and often blindness
  60. miotic
    pertaining to drugs that cause the pupil to contract
  61. mydriasis
    enlargement of the pupils
  62. phot/o
  63. presby/o
    old age
  64. scot/o
  65. eso-
  66. exo-
    outside, outward
  67. hetero-
  68. hyper-
    excessive, above normal
  69. photosensitivity
    unusual sensitivity to light
  70. presbyopia
    impairment of vision due to old age
  71. scotopia
    area of darkness in the visual field
  72. esotropia
    inward turning of an eye
  73. exotropia
    outward turning of an eye
  74. heteropsia
    unequal vision in two eyes
  75. hyperopia
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