Language Actvity A #3 Vocab

  1. microcosm
    a small scale representation of a larger system
  2. novel
    new and not resembling anything formerly known
  3. pandemic
    occurring over a wide geographic area and affecting a large portion of the population
  4. phlegmatic
    having a sluggish, unemotional temperament
  5. progenitor
    an ancestor in the direct line, forefather; founder
  6. Spartan
    highly self-disciplined; frugal, austere
  7. tautological
    having to do with needless repetition, redundancy
  8. voluble
    talkative, speaking easily, glib
  9. abet
    to aid; to act as an accomplice
  10. adumbrate
    to give a hint or indication of something to come
  11. arcane
    secret, obscure; known only to a few
  12. bilious
    ill-tempered, sickly, ailing
  13. celerity
    speed, haste
  14. consternation
    an intense state of fear or dismay
  15. denizen
    an inhabitant, a resident
  16. encumber
    to weigh down, to burden
  17. fallacious
    tending to deceive or mislead
  18. importunate
    troublesomely urgent; extremely persistent in request or demand
  19. internecine
    mutually destructive; equally devastating to both sides
  20. lexicon
    a dictionary; a stock of terms pertaining to a particular subject or vocabulary
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