Media and Interest Groups

  1. How do interest groups try to shape public policy?
    • Persue their goals in many areas
    • Link citizens to the political process
    • Choos sides
  2. Define coorpratism
    When a person has taken an interet group and integrated it into government
  3. What are the fundamental goals of interest groups? 3
    • Influence Public policy
    • Change laws
    • Influence government
  4. What are two basic types of lobbying>
    • Regular paid employees of a group
    • Temporary hires
  5. List four facts about lobbyist
    • A source of informtions
    • Plan political legislations
    • Plan reelection campaigns
    • Source of ideas and innovations
  6. What is litigation?
    A civil suit
  7. How is mass media a key linage institution between the people and policy makers?
    • Convey the views of the people to governments
    • Convey information about government to people
  8. What are 3 ways the FCC regulates the use of airwave?
    • Prevents monopoly cotol of market
    • Reviews the Performacne of stations
    • Issues fair treatment for politicians
  9. What are 5 ways the new media engages in agenda setting?
    • Rasing awareness
    • Drawing attention
    • Providing information
    • Getting the attention of government
    • Demonstrates the inportance/consequence of a problem
  10. Define Gate Keeper
    The one tat influences wat subject become nation political issues and for how long
  11. Define Scorkeeper
    The person who helps to make political reputations and covers elections
  12. Define Watchdog
    Watches the front runers in campaigns and notes who is worth paying attention to
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Media and Interest Groups