CSS Test

  1. Background?
    Sets all the background properties in one declaration
  2. Background-color?
    Sets the background color of an element
  3. Background-image?
    Sets the background image for an element
  4. Background-repeat?
    Sets how a background image will be repeated
  5. Background-attachment?
    Sets whether a background image is fixed or scrolls with the rest of the page
  6. Background-position?
    Sets the starting position of a background image
  7. Border?
    Sets all the border properties in one declaration
  8. Border-top?
    Sets all top border properties in one declaration
  9. Border-top-color?
    Sets the color of the top border
  10. Border-top-style?
    Sets the style of the top border
  11. Border-top-width?
    Sets the width of the top border
  12. Border-right?
    Sets all the right border properties in one declaration
  13. Border-right-color?
    Sets the color of the right border
  14. Border-right-style?
    Sets the style of the right border
  15. Border-right-width?
    Sets the width of the right border
  16. Border-bottom?
    Sets all bottom border properties in one declaration
  17. Border-bottom-color?
    Sets the color of the bottom border
  18. Border-bottom-style?
    Sets the style of the bottom border
  19. Border-bottom-width?
    Sets the width of the bottom border
  20. Border-left?
    Sets all the left border properties in one declaration
  21. Border-left-color?
    Sets the color of the left border
  22. Border-left-style?
    Sets the style of the left border
  23. Border-left-width?
    Sets the width of the left border
  24. Border-color?
    Sets the color of the four borders
  25. Border-style?
    Sets the style of the four borders
  26. Outline?
    Sets all the outline properties in one declaration
  27. Outline-color?
    Sets the color of an outline
  28. Outline-style?
    Sets the style of an outline
  29. Outline-width
    Sets the width of an outline
  30. Width
    Sets the width of an element
  31. Height
    Sets the height of an element
  32. Min-width
    Sets the minimum width of an element
  33. Min-height
    Sets the minimum height of an element
  34. Max-width
    Sets the maximum width of an element
  35. Max-height
    Sets the maximum height of an element
  36. Font
    Sets all the font properties in one declaration
  37. Font-family
    Specifies the font family for text
  38. Font-size
    Specifies the font size of text
  39. Font-style
    Specifies the font style of text
  40. Font-weight
    Specifies the weight of a font
  41. Font-variant
    Specifies whether or not a text should be displayed in a small-caps font
  42. Margin?
    Sets all the margin properties in one declaration
  43. Margin-top
    Sets the top margin of an element
  44. Margin-right
    Sets the right margin of an element
  45. Margin-bottom
    Sets the bottom margin of an element
  46. Margin-left
    Sets the left margin of an element
  47. Padding
    Sets all the padding properties in one declaration
  48. Padding-top
    Sets the top padding of an element
  49. Padding-right
    Sets the right padding of an element
  50. Padding-bottom
    Sets the bottom padding of an element
  51. Padding-left
    Sets the left padding of an element
  52. Color
    Sets the color of text
  53. Letter-spacing
    Increases or decreases the space between characters in a text
  54. Line-height
    Sets the line height
  55. Text-align
    Specifies the horizontal alignment of text
  56. Text-decoration
    Specifies the decoration added to text
  57. Text-indent
    Specifies the indentation of the first line in a text-block
  58. Text-transfrom
    Controls the capitalization of text
  59. Veritcal-align
    Sets the vertical alignment of an element
  60. White-space
    Specifies how white-space inside an element is handled
  61. Word-spacing
    Increases or decreases the space between words in a text
  62. List-style
    Sets all the properties for a list in one declaration
  63. List-style-type
    Specifies the type of list-item marker
  64. List-style
    Specifies an image as the list-item marker
  65. List-style-position
    Specifies if the list-item markers should appear inside or outside the content flow
  66. Position
    Specifies the type of positioning method used for an element (static, relative, absolute or fixed)
  67. Left
    Specifies the left position of a positioned element
  68. Top
    Specifies the top position of a positioned element
  69. Right
    Specifies the right position of a positioned element
  70. Bottom
    Specifies the bottom position of a positioned element
  71. Float
    Specifies whether or not a box should float
  72. Clear
    Specifies which sides of an element where other floating elements are not allowed
  73. Overflow
    Specifies what happens if content overflows an element's box
  74. Visibility
    Specifies whether or not an element is visible
  75. Z-index
    Sets the stack order of a positioned element
  76. Display
    Specifies how a certain HTML element should be displayed
  77. Border-collapse
    Specifies whether or not table borders should be collapsed
  78. Border-spacing
    Specifies the distance between the borders of adjacent cells
  79. Caption-side
    Specifies the placement of a table caption
  80. Empty-cells
    Specifies whether or not to display borders and background on empty cells in a table
  81. Direction
    Specifies the text direction/writing direction
  82. Content
    Used with the :before and :after pseudo-elements, to insert generated content
    Sets the type of quotation marks for embedded quotations
  84. :link
    Selects all unvisited links
  85. :visited
    Selects all visited links
  86. :hover
    Selects links on mouse over
  87. :active
    Selects the active link
  88. :focus
    Selects the input element which has focus
  89. :first-letter
    Selects the first letter of every <p> element
  90. :first-line
    Selects the first line of every <p> element
  91. :first-child
    Selects every <p> elements that is the first child of its parent
  92. :before
    Insert content before every <p> element
  93. :after
    Insert content after every <p> element
  94. :language
    Selects every <p> element with a lang attribute value starting with "it"
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