C spine Ellennn

  1. On an AP projection of C spine, which vertebraes do you see?
    You see first T1 to T3 as well as C7 up to C3.
  2. On a lateral cervical spine, what should be demonstrated?
    All seven servical vertbraes and the alignment of T1 should be demonstrated as well as the zgopohyseal joints.
  3. Whats a very good characteristic that stands out of a cervical vertebrae?
    C4-C5 has a slightly lipped apperance requiring a 20 degree cephalad to open up intervertebral spaces for ap projections.
  4. What is demonstrated in an oblique cervical spine image?
    Intervertebral froamna.
  5. Whats another distinct characeteristic of cervical vertebrae?
    They have three foraminas with dominant articular pillars.
  6. For an LPO position for c spine, what kind of angle would you need to put?
    15 degree cephalad.
  7. For an RAO, what kind of angle would you put?
    15 degree caudad angle
  8. For an anterior oblique, which intervetebral foramina will be visualized?
    The down side for an ANTERIOR obliquie will be viewed.
  9. For an POSTERIOR obliquie, which interveterbral foramina will be visualized?
    • The side that is up will be visualized.
    • If an LPO, the right foramina will be viewed.
  10. The mastoid tip corresponds to the level of which cervical vetebrae?
  11. C1, besides it being at the level of the mastoid process, is located 1 inch below the...
    External Acoustic Meatus ( EAM )
  12. How do you find C3?
    At the level of the Gonion.
  13. How do you find C4-C6?
    Adams apple or Thyroid cartilage.
  14. How do you find C7?
    Level of vertebral prominens.
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