Phrases with LOOK

  1. Could you help me look ... my keys.
    to look for sth. (nach etwas suchen)
  2. I'll just look ... the word in the dictionary.
    to up sth. (etwas nachschlagen)
  3. If you don't look ... you'll fall down that hole!
    to look out (aufpassen)
  4. I'm looking ... to the party.
    to look forward to (sich freuen auf etwas freuen)
  5. Hold the line and I'll look ... the matter for you.
    to look into (prüfen, einer Sache nachgehen)
  6. Look ... this holiday as a reward for your hard work.
    to look on (betrachten)
  7. Look ... your room! It's a complete mess!
    to look at (anschauen)
  8. Please look ... the visitors and show them their accommodation.
    to look after (kümmern)
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Phrases with LOOK
Phrases with LOOK