Business 100 chapter 10 part 3

  1. job enrichment
    a motviation technique that provides employees with more variety and responsibility in their jobs
  2. job enlargement
    expanding a workers assignments to include additional but similar tasks
  3. job redesign
    a type of job enrichment in which work is restructured to cultivate the worker-job match
  4. behavior modification
    a systematic program of reinforcement to encourage desireable behavior
  5. flextime
    a system in which employees set their own work hours within employer-determined limits
  6. job sharing
    an arrangement whereby two people share one full-time postiton
  7. telecommunicating
    working at home all the time or for a portion of the work week
  8. empowerment
    making employees more involved in their jobs by increasing their participation in decision making
  9. employee ownership
    a situation in which employees own the company that they work for by virtue of being stockholders
  10. virtuoso team
    a team of exeptionally highly skilled and talented individuals brought together to produce significant change
  11. self-managed teams
    groups of employees with the authority and skills to manage themselves
  12. cross-functional team
    a team of individuals with varying specialties, expertise, and skills that are brought together to achieve a common task
  13. virtual team
    a team consisting of members who are geographically dispersed but communicate electronically
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Business 100 chapter 10 part 3
Business 100 chapter 10 part 3