1. bishopsgate hall
  2. the shard
    london bridge street/ st thomas's street
  3. tito's restaurant
    london bridge street
  4. borough bar
    london bridge street
  5. skinkers wine bar
    tooley street -next to london dungeons
  6. greenwood theatre
    weston street
  7. greggs table
    long lane/ bermondsey sq
  8. southwark playhouse
    shipwright yard/ tooley street
  9. twinkle park
  10. shoho gyms se1
    long lane
  11. the willows
    willow walk - crimscott street, willow walk
  12. fort pub
    grange road -near to dunton road
  13. ahoy centre
    borthwick street- in via watergate, or mc millan st, deptford green
  14. devonport house
    king william walk- in via crooms hill/ nevada st
  15. laban centre
    laurie grove- in only via lewisham way, new x road, and exit onto dixon road
  16. spread eagle pub
    nevada street/ crooms hill
  17. morley pianos
    engate street - in via molesworth st roundabout
  18. riley's sports bar se14
    lewisham high street - lol only - ~r ladywell road, r rearside road, r whitburn road, l lewisham high st
  19. goldsmith gardens restaurant
    lewisham way - sdor on 1 way part
  20. honor oak crematorium
    brockley way
  21. student union college
    dixon road- in via new x road, l laurie grove, l dixon road sdol
  22. tianaumen building
    dixon road-(student union college) in via new x road, l laurie grove, l dixon road sdol
  23. addey + stanhope school
    new cross road- sdol heading westbound just past tanners hill
  24. kitto road
    gellatley rd/ pepy's road
  25. piermont green
    peckham rye
  26. chamber lawn tennis club
    dulwich common -sdol in from london road
  27. marlborough cricket club
    dulwich common - sdol in from london road
  28. wood vale estate
    wood vale =sdol in from forest hill road
  29. wood vale
    forest hill road/ london road
  30. totem pole
    london road (horniman museum) sdol only ~ lol l walden shaw road, l manor mount, l honour oak road, r london road
  31. oakfield prep school
    thurlow park road - sdol coming from dulwich common just past croxted road
  32. diana hotel
    thurlow park road - sdol coming from dulwich common just before lancaster ave
  33. porky's wine bar
    sternhold ave- sdor down just before streatham high road
  34. royal fusiliers t/a centre
    balham high road
  35. tooting constitutional club
    tooting high street - sdol heding south bound just past garrat lane/ mitcham road
  36. beatrix potter schol
    magdalan roat- south side
  37. south london bowling club
    lyford road/ off magdalen road
  38. the fish club
    st johns hill (fish n chip shop) - sdor in from east hill
  39. alma club
    old york road - opposite wandsworth town station
  40. forbidden temple restaurant
    queenstown road - sdor top end heading south bound
  41. e bikes direct
    ingate place - off queenstown road
  42. point zero (flats)
    queenstown road -sdol northbound on corner of wandsworth road (above sainsbury's)
  43. pestina chelsea bridge hotel
    queenstown road
  44. chelsea bridge wharf
    queenstown road (huge apartments) sdol next to pastina hotel
  45. albert square
    aubert terrace/ clapham road
  46. xxl club
    southwark street - sdol coming across over from stamford street
  47. florence nightingale museum
    lambeth palace road
  48. jubilee gardens
    belverdere road
  49. waterloo east theatre
    brad street- sdor in from cornwall road. can lol brad, r cornwall road, l alaska street, l/r waterloo road
  50. bankside gallery
    hopton street, off southwark street
  51. portal restaurant
    st john street- sdol north bound
  52. larder restaurant
    st john street- sdor north bound
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