The Great Depression/ The New Deal

  1. Did blacks stop migrating to the north in search of jobs during this time?
    No share croppers were lossing jobs so they migrated to cities
  2. What was the highest unemployment rate during the great depression
  3. Who ran the newly formed Federal Bureau of Investigation in the 1930s
    J Edger Hoover
  4. What was one of the most popular radio shows of the 1930s
    Amus and Andie (racist comedy) and The Shadow (crime Fighter)
  5. Did the Federal REserve Board make any moves to control stock market speculation prior to the crash
  6. How did FDR fight the depression in his first years in the presdiency
    • Short term emergency relief for the jobless, provided directly by the federal government if necessary;
    • argricultural recovery through subsidized crop reduction;
    • industrial recovery through business-government cooperation and pump-priming federal spending
  7. Give an example of why the prosperity was structurally unsound during the 1920s
    • Increased productivity did not generate a corresponding increase in workers' salaries
    • Farm prices had been declining throughout the 1920s
    • numerous manufacturing industies were overproducing
  8. The group of WWI veterans who marched on Washington in 1932 to demand early payment of their "veteran's bonuses" were called
    Bonus Army
  9. Did Herbert Hoover pass the NIRA, which embodied ideas of industrial self-regulation and business government cooperation
  10. Was Herbert Hoover's handling of the depression limited by his fears of unbalancing the federal budget, concentrating too much power in the government in Washington, and his belief in "rugged individualism"
  11. Name three early easures taken by Hoover and FDR to help out the banking and credit industry
    • Hoover- RFC
    • FDR- Glass steagal act, National Credit Corporation
  12. Positive government intervention in the economy describes
    the new deal
  13. Who was the first woman cabinet member
  14. What group employed jobless, young men in rural projects such as reforestation, park maintenance, and erosion control
  15. The Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1933 was a New Deal initiative that did what?
    Paid farms to not farm to take acerage out of product
  16. Did the NIRA limit a worker's right to collective bargaining
    No it actually encouraged it
  17. With the billions spent by the federal government in the 1930s, did the Great Depression end?
    No it worsened again in the 37 and 38
  18. True or false, the government intervention in the economy was the cause of the Depression
    false, government didn't do anything
  19. What Constitutional principle would have been violated by FDR's court-packing scheme
    Seperation of powers
  20. The SEC (Securities and Exchange Commision), was created to over watch what part of out capitalist system?
    Stock market, wall street
  21. What two presidents that preceded FDR would probably have agreed with his handling of the crises and approved of government intervention in the economy
    • Theodor Roosevelt
    • Woodrow Wilson
  22. What new type of strikew as used against GM in 1937
    Sit down strike
  23. Most Americans enjoyed watching television during the 1930s to lift their moods. True or False
    Flase, no television
  24. Martians invading Earth on Halloween night was an adaptation of what famous book?
    War of the Worlds
  25. Which amendment ended Prohibition
  26. How did most people learn about the news in the 1930s
    News reels at movies
  27. True or false, three-fourths of the farms folded during the depression
    false, less than 50%
  28. True or False, because farm families were property owners, they did not suffer as much as other segments of society during the depression
  29. True or False, a quarter of all farm families had to accept public or private assistance
  30. Serving as an observer for the president and promoting social reform was a function performed by
    Elenor Roosevelt
  31. Senator Huey P. Long of Louisiana
    popular for his “Share the Wealth” program. Proposing “every man a king,” each family was to receive $5000, allegedly from the rich. The math of the plan was ludicrous.
  32. Dr. Francis E. Townsend of California
    plan of each senior receiving $200 month, provided that all of it would be spent within the month
  33. Works Progress Administration (WPA) in 1935
    • put $11 million on thousands of public buildings, bridges, and hard-surfaced roads and gave 9 million people jobs in its eight years of existence.
    • It also found part-time jobs for needy high school and college students and for actors, musicians, and writers.
  34. Black Tuesday
    October 29, 1929
  35. Cause of the Depression
    • Bank failures (still open banks strict on loaning which increased the problem)
    • Reduction in Purchasing (caused people to loss their jobs)
    • Dust bowl or drought, farmers could farm there for could make money
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