Social Studies Chapter 11 The Growth of New Ideas

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  1. Galileo, Leeuwenhoek, and Linnaeus all made important discoveries during this time
    Scientific Revolution
  2. Western Eurpean armies tried to take back the Holy Lands from the Muslims
  3. A prosperous city-state on the Italian peninsula in the 14th century
  4. He searched for a way to sail around the tip of Africa in the 1400s.
    Prince Henry the Navigator
  5. He was a German monk who criticized the church in the 1500s.
    Martin Luther
  6. More than 17,000 people were executed in France in 1799 during the
    Reign of Terror
  7. He took control of France in 1799 after the French Revolution.
    Napoleon Bonaparte
  8. Under her rule in the 1700s Russia became a powerful nation
    Catherine the Great
  9. He led the first expedition that sailed around the world.
    Ferdinand Magellan
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Social Studies Chapter 11 The Growth of New Ideas
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