science cards 2

  1. what is invertabrates
    are animals that do not have a backbone
  2. what are sponges
    are simplest mulicellular animals on earth
  3. what is seasile
    the quality of being attached to one spot not free of moving
  4. what is larva
    a free living early form of a developing organisms that is very different from its adults form.
  5. what is cnidarin
    an invertabrate animal as a jellyfish that has a body a radial symmetry tentacles with stinging cells and a central internal cavity
  6. what is tentacle
    a long slender flexible extension of body of certain animals such as a jellyfish tentacle are used to touch move or hold
  7. what is moble
    able to move from place to place
  8. what is mollusk
    an invertabrate animal with a soft body a muscular foot and a mantle many mullusks have a hard outer shell
  9. what is gill
    a respiratory organ that filters oxygen dissolved in water
  10. what is long
    a respiratory organ that absorbs oxygen from the air
  11. what is echinoderm
    an invertabrate sea animal with a spiny skin skeleton vascular system and tube feet
  12. what is arthropod
    an invertabrate animal with an exoskeleton segemented body and joined legs
  13. what is exoskeleton
    the strong flexible outer covering of some invertabrate animals such as invertabrate
  14. what is molting
    the process of an arthropod shedding its exoskeleton to allow for growth
  15. what is insect
    an arthropod with 3 body segments 6 legs 2 antenas and a compound if eyes
  16. what is metamorphasis
    he transformation of an animal from its larval form into adult form
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