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  1. what is classification
    is the process of arranging organisms into groups based on similarities
  2. what is taxonomy
    is the science of naming and classifying organisms
  3. what is a genus
    is a group of species that have similar characteristic
  4. what is binomial nimenclature
    binomial means two names. and nomenclature means list of names
  5. what is dichotomous key
    asks a series of questions that can be answered in only two ways
  6. what is domains
    one of three division in a classification sustem based on different types of cells. he six kingdoms of living things are grouped into three domains archae bateria eukarya
  7. what is platae
    includes plants such as trees grass and moss
  8. what is animalia
    includes animals from lion and tigers and bears to bugs and multicellular microbes
  9. what is protista
    includes organisms that dont fit easily into animals plants or fungi, they are eitherunicellular or have simple multicellular structer.
  10. what is fungi
    includes mushrooms molds and yeasts
  11. what is archaea
    contains organisms that are similar to bacteria but have a cell structure that is so different that scientists seperate them into their own kingdoms
  12. what is bacteria
    are unicellular with no nucleus
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