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  1. urine-forming structure of the kidney
  2. region of the kidney deep to the cortex; contains collecting duct
    renal medulla
  3. extensions of renal cortex found in b/t renal pyramids
    renal columns
  4. urine flowing through this structure drains into a minor calyx
    papillary duct
  5. located b/t renal fascia and renal capsule
    adipose capsule
  6. apex of renal pyramid
    renal papilla
  7. urine flowing through this structure drains into the renal pelvis
    major calyx
  8. vertical fissure in concave surface of kidney through which blood vessels and ureters pass
    renal hilum
  9. covers outer surface of kidney
    renal capsule
  10. dense irregular connective tissue that covers the adipose capsule and attaches the kidney to abdominal wall
    renal fascia
  11. receives urine from major calyces
    renal pelvis
  12. space w/in kidney adjacent to renal medulla, contains calyces and renal pelvis
    renal sinus
  13. cup-like structure located in renal sinus receiving urine from opening of papillary ducts
    minor calyx
  14. cone-shaped structures located w/in renal medulla
    renal pyramids
  15. outermost region of kidney, contains renal corpsuscles
    renal cortex
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