GCSE Physics

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  1. the sun heats the air , water and land on one side of the earth only , meanwhile the other side raidates heat into outer space . Convection currents are set up by this uneven heating . only a small proportion of solar radiation is converted into kinetic energy of the winds . The problem is :
    converting this energy into useful work in a wind turbine . the wind turns blades on the windmill and this turns the turbine to generate electricity
  2. what are the advantages of using wind power to generate electricity
    • the windmills are large and costly
    • there is a relatively low output , very large quantities of moving air are needed to allo the windmills to match the energies obtained by burning fossil fuels
    • there is not enough wind in many areas , the amiunt of electricity produced by wind generators depends on the strenght of the wind that varies directly , meaning wind power isn't very reliable
    • wind farms cause visual and noise pollution
  3. a group of wind generators is called a :
    wind farm
  4. which type of energy is transferred from the wind to generate electricity
  5. where would you not expect to find a group of wind generators
    in a city or in a valley
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