Skin Infections

  1. Hair Follicle Infections
    Sx: Folliculitis, furuncle, Carbuncle

    Prev & Tx: Anti-staph creams and soaps, surgical drainage, anti-staph meds, now reistant to penicillin
  2. Scalded skin syndrome
    Sx: skin looks scalded, irritability, fever, pain in nose, mouth, genitals, skin is tender

    Prev & Tx: No prev meas, antibiotic like methicillin, remove dead skin
  3. Steptococcal impetigo
    Sx: Blisters w/yellowish crust, mild fever, little pain, enlarged lymph nodes

    Prev & Tx: General cleanliness, avoid infected ppl, clean wounds w/antiseptic, penicillin
  4. Rocky mountain spotted fever
    Sx: flu-like sx early, non-itchy rash on wrist/ankles that spreads, confusion, seizures

    Prev & Tx: Avoid ticks, Doxycycline
  5. Lyme disease
    Sx: *Bulls-eye rash, enlarged lymph nodes, fever, chills, headache, stiff neck, joint pain, backache, paralysis of face, impairment of legs and arms, chronic arthritis, chronic joint swelling

    Prev & Tx: Avoid ticks, no vaccine, antibiotics if caught early
  6. Chickenpox
    Sx: Rash - small red spots, bumps and blisters (macules, papules, vesicles), pus-filled blisters (pustules)

    Reactivation Sx: Shingles - long-lived pain, localized rash

    Prev & Tx: vaccine for pox, another for shingles, antiviral meds for shingles
  7. German measles

    Sx: (difficult to Dx, mild & often unrecognizable) Slight fever, mild cold sx, enlarged lymph nodes, faint rash, painful joints, serious threat to Preg women

    Prev & Tx: MMRV vaccine (but not in preg women due to birth defects)
  8. Fifth disease
    Erythema infectiosum

    Sx: red rash (like slap mark) on cheek & spreads to extremeties, fever, malaise, headache, muscle ache
  9. Roseola
    Sx: high fever, convulsions, infants do not appear ill, after fever get rash on chest

    Prev & Tx: no vacc, no Tx, reduce risk of seizures and decrease body temp
  10. Warts
    Sx: small tumors or protrusions of tissue covered by skin or mucous membranes

    Prev & Tx: complete removal of all affected cells (thru freezing, cauterizing or surg removal)
  11. Superficial Cutaneous Mycoses
    Ringworm - rash at site of infection, looksl like circular worm

    Scalp itch - Patchy areas of hair loss, itching, redness

    Fungal nails - thickened, brittle nails, may detach from nailbed

    Prev & Tx: cleanliness, normal dryness, OTC meds
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Skin Infections
Skin Infections