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  1. Arson
    Criminal act of burning or attempting to burn property.
  2. Daily Unoccupancy
    Used by underwriters to describe the hazards associated with homes that are unoccupied during the day.
  3. Hurricane
    Windstorm when winds exceed speeds of 74 mph.
  4. Catastrophe Reinsurance
    Special form of reinsurance that protects insurers against the adverse effects of catastrophes and limits the insurer's total loss from catastrophe to a predetermined amount.
  5. Agricultural Smudging
    Occurs in the spring in areas near orchards. If a late forst threatens the fruit buds or blossoms, oil-burning smudge pots are burned at night around the trees. Aa dark oily could covers the grees to prevent the frost from killing the buds. If this could is blown into a neighborhood of houses, damage could result.
  6. "R" Value
    Stands for the resistance to heat transfer. The higher the value, the better the resistance and insulation.
  7. Real Property
    Refers to land all structures permanently attached to the land.
  8. Personal Property
    Refers to property other than real property.
  9. Plaser on Lath
    Wall covering method that was used before Drywall
  10. Radiation Shield
    Protects combustible surfaces from the heat generated by a wood stove.
  11. Thimble
    Doulbe walled pipe that allows a chimney pipe to pass through a combustible wall without a heat contact.
  12. Consolidatd Soil
    Clay and limestone that has aged for thousands of years to become a solid base for construction.
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