API 28

  1. Crashworthiness
    Refers to the vehicle design engineering that reduces or eliminates injury in an auto accident.
  2. Unibody
    "One Body" Supported by sheet metal, the body of the car acts as its frame. Many modern smaller cars. Some larger trucks/SUVs still have a conventional frame.
  3. Air Bags
    AKA Supplemental restraint systems (SRSs), are loss reduction devices designed to inflate in moderate-to-severe frontal crashes.
  4. Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
    Serial number unique to each vehicle. 17 digit identifies make, model, year, body style, factory, and engine size.
  5. Antique
    Auto that is at least 25 years old. Vehicles rates as antiques are provided a substantial premium discount, so insurers generally restrict their use to parades and exhibitions.
  6. Classic
    Auto that is at least 10 years odld and has a higher average value than other auots of the same make and model year.
  7. Stated Amount
    Is a loss settlement option for auto physical damage coverages. An appraisal is obtained for the vehicle, and the appraised value becomes the basis for raiting. Maximum loss settlement is based on the lowest of 1 -stated amount, 2 the ACV, 3 the amount to repair or replace.
  8. Salvage Title
    Replaces the regualr title when a vehicle has sustained damages which exceed its value.
  9. Claiming behavior
    Is the inclination people in a group have for submitting insurance claims.
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