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  1. Why perform a nutrition, or a mini-nutrition, assessment?
    to identify at risk patients
  2. What change in caloric intake is necessary for surgery, trauma, burn and infection patients?
    increase in calorie intake
  3. What BMI is underweight?
    - 18.5
  4. What BMI range is average?
    18.5 - 24.9
  5. What BMI range is overweight?
    25- 29.9
  6. What is the normal Hgb for men? For Women?
    • men - 14 - 18 g/dl
    • women 12 - 16 g/dl
  7. What is the normal Hct for women and men?
    36% - 49%
  8. What does low Hgb and Hct mean? What does high Hgb and Hct mean?
    • low means low iron (anemia)
    • high means dehydration
  9. What is the normal value for triglycerides in the blood?
    40 - 200 mg/dl
  10. What is the condition of high triglycerides in the blood called? What is it a risk factor for?
    hyperlipidemia; CAD
  11. What is the normal serum albumin levels? What is it an indication of?
    3.5 - 5.5 g/dl; indication of protein calorie malnutrition and hydration status
  12. What is CRP, what is the normal blood value, what is it an indication of?
    - C-Reactive Protein is a protein marker of inflammation produced by the liver and is a sign of inflammation. It is not normal to have this in the blood.
  13. What is marasmus?
    Protein-calorie malnutrition; prolonged starvation; can maintain NORMAL visceral protein levels
  14. What is Kwashiorkor?
    Protein malnutrition; due to diets high in fat/calories but no protein. Person can nourished or obese. May have DECREASED visceral protein levels.
  15. In two words, describe Hyperlipidemia
    high fat
  16. In two words describe HTN
    high sodium
  17. In two words, describe osteoporosis
    low calcium
  18. What does Celiac disease do to the body?
    When the pt eats wheat/gluten it degrades the intestines so they cannot absorb nutrients
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