KIN 2509 Ch 11

  1. anteversion
    • a tipping forward of an organ as a whole, without bending
    • AKA anteflexion
  2. atrophy
    • a wasting
    • a decrease in size of an organ or tissue due to disease or other influences
  3. CA 125
    • a glycoprotein found in the blood serum of patients with ovarian or other glandular cell carcinomas
    • increasing levels of this antigens represent continuing tumor growth, which may indicate a poor prognosis
  4. carcinoma in situ
    a lesion characterized by cytological changes of the type associated with invasive carcinoma, but limited to a localized area without evidence of extension to adjacent structures
  5. fertilization
    the union of the male and female sex cells (gametes) to produce a fertilized egg (zygote) from which the embryo develops
  6. gestation
    • in mammals, the length of time from conception to birth
    • in humans, the average duration is 266 days from the onset of the last menstrual period
    • a gestation time of less than 37 weeks is regarded as premature
  7. graafian follicle
    • a mature follicle of the ovary that ruptures during ovulation to release an ovum (egg)
    • beginning with puberty and continuing until menopause, except during pregnancy, a graafian follicle develops at approximately monthly intervals
  8. gravida
    • a pregnant woman
    • used with numerals to indicate the number of times a woman has been pregnant
  9. lactation
    the process of synthesis and secretion and milk from the breasts in nourishment of an infant or child
  10. orifice
    the entrance or outlet of any anatomic structure, such as the mouth, vagina, or anus
  11. ovulation
    the periodic ripening and rupture of the mature graafian follicle and the discharge of the ovum (egg) from the ovary as part of a monthly cycle that leads to fertilization or menstruation
  12. para
    a woman who has produced a viable infant (more than 20 weeks gestation) regardless of whether the infant is alive at birth
  13. parturition
    the process of giving birth
  14. retroversion
    • a turning, or state of being turned back
    • especially the tipping of an entire organ
  15. spermatozoa
    mature germ cells that develop in the testes
  16. amni/o
  17. cervic/o
    neck, cervix uteri
  18. colp/o
  19. vagin/o
  20. episi/o
  21. vulv/o
  22. galact/o
  23. lact/o
  24. amniocentesis
    transabdominal puncture of the amniotic sac using a needle and syringe to remove amniotic fluid for laboratory analysis
  25. cervicitis
    inflammation of the cervix
  26. colposcopy
    visual examination of the vagina
  27. vaginomycosis
    abnormal condition of a vaginal fungus
  28. episiotomy
    incision of the perineum to avoid spontaneous laceration and facilitate delivery of a baby
  29. vulvopathy
    disease of the vulva
  30. galactorrhea
    discharge from the nipple that is persistant and looks like milk
  31. lactocele
    • a cystic tumor of the breast caused by occlusion of a milk duct
    • AKA galactocele
  32. gynec/o
    woman, female
  33. hyster/o
    uterus, womb
  34. metr/o
    uterus, womb
  35. uter/o
    uterus, womb
  36. leiomy/o
    smooth muscle (visceral)
  37. mamm/o
  38. mast/o
  39. men/o
    menses, menstruation
  40. men/o
    menses, menstruation
  41. nat/o
  42. oophor/o
  43. ovari/o
  44. perine/o
  45. salping/o
    tube (usually fallopian or eustacean tubes)
  46. gynecology
    study of the diseases of the female reproductive organs and the breasts
  47. hysterectomy
    removal of the uterus
  48. metrorrhagia
    excessive bleeding from the uterus occuring between periods
  49. uteroplasty
    surgical repair of the uterus
  50. leiomyoma
    benign tumor derived from smooth (nonstriated) muscle
  51. mammogram
    x-ray record of the breast
  52. mastopexy
    fixation of the breasts
  53. menarche
    first menstrual period
  54. natal
    pertaining to a birth or the day of birth
  55. oophoroma
    an ovarian tumor
  56. ovariocyesis
    ovarian pregnancy
  57. perinorrhapy
    suture of the perineum
  58. salpingectomy
    removal of the fallopian tubes
  59. ante-
    before, in front
  60. dys-
    bad, painful, difficult
  61. endo-
    in, within
  62. intra-
    in, within
  63. multi-
    many, much
  64. neo-
  65. nulli-
  66. oxy-
    quick, sharp
  67. pre-
    before, in front of
  68. primi-
  69. anteversion
    an abnormal position of an organ in which it is tilted forward on its axis, away from the midline
  70. dystocia
    difficult childbirth
  71. endometritis
    inflammation of the endometrium
  72. intrauterine
    within the uterus
  73. multipara
    a woman who has delivered more than one viable infant
  74. neonatal
    pertaining to birth
  75. nulligravida
    a woman who has never been pregnant
  76. oxytocia
    quick childbirth
  77. prenatal
    pertaining to the period before birth
  78. primipara
    first birth
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