Integumentary System

  1. alopecia
    loss of hair
  2. atrophy
    thinning of skin surface
  3. cellulitis
    skin infection
  4. clubbing
    curvature of nails with soft tissue sweeling
  5. cyst
    elevated lesion filled with liquid or semisolid material
  6. ecchymosis
    red-purple dicoloration
  7. eczema
    inflammatory skin condition
  8. edema
    abnormal tissue swelling
  9. excoriation
    loss of epidermis
  10. folliculitis
    infection of the hair follicle and dermis
  11. fissure
    linear crack from epidermis to dermis
  12. furuncle
    acute, localized staphyloccal infection
  13. hirsutism
    excessive growth of hair or in unusual places
  14. keloid
    progressively enlarging scar
  15. macule
    flat brown, red, purple, white, or tan lesion
  16. nodule
    firm, elevated 1-2 cm. lesion
  17. onycholysis
    loosening of nail from nailbed
  18. papule
    elevated, firm brown, pink, tan, or bluish red lesion less than 2 cm. in diameter
  19. paronychia
    infection around nail margin
  20. petechiae
    red-purple nonblanchable discoloration less than .5 cm. in diameter
  21. psoriasis
    chronic skin disease characterized by silvery, scaly plaques
  22. purpura
    red-purple nonblanchable discoloration greater than .5 cm. in diameter
  23. pustule
    elevated lesion filled with purulent fluid
  24. striae
    pinkish or silvery white scarlike lesions
  25. tumor
    elevated, solid lesion greater than 2 cm. in diameter
  26. turgor
    resistance of skin to deformation
  27. vesicle
  28. wheal
    elevated area of cutaneous edema
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