Integumentary System

  1. What are the three layers of the skin?
    • Epidermis
    • Dermis
    • Hypodermis
  2. Which layer of the skin is the thinnest?
  3. How many layers or strata are there to the epidermis?
  4. What are the layers of the epidermis?
    • Stratum corneum
    • Stratum Lucidum
    • Stratum granulosum
    • Stratum spinosum
    • Stratum basale
  5. What is another term for the stratum granulosum layer
    Granular cell layer
  6. What is another term for the stratum spinosum?
    Prickle cell layer
  7. What is another term for the basale layer
    Germinative layer
  8. What is the purpose of keratin?
    A waterproof protein that gives the skin mechanical strength and flexibility
  9. What happens at the stratum lucidum layer?
    Here cells die and lose their neclei and organelles when they become full of keratin
  10. What happens at the stratum granulosum layer?
    Cells in this layer become fillsed with granules and secrete a waterproof liquid
  11. Describe the stratum spinosum layer?
    Cells are tightly joined by spinelike projections which give them a prickly appearance
  12. Describe the stratum basale layer
    Contains stem cells that divide and providecontinual renewal of cells
  13. Most of the cells that make up the epidermis are called
  14. What cell layer are melanocytes found
    Stratum basale
  15. Describe the purpose of the dermal papillae
    Extensive networks of capillaries in the papillae deliver oxygen and nutrients to the cells of the epidermis and also functions in temperature regulation
  16. What muscles are associated with hair follicles?
    Arrector pili muscles
  17. What substance does the sebaceous glands produce?
    Oily material known as sebum
  18. Sebaceous glands are attached to what?
    Hair follicles
  19. Sebaceous glands are most numerous on
    The face and scalp
  20. Which layer of the skin contains the glands
  21. What structures make up the integumentary system
    • Skin
    • ¬†Hair
    • Nails
    • Glands
  22. What is the epidermis
    Outermost keratinized stratifies squamous epithelium covering the surface of the skin
  23. What is a stratum
    a single layer of epithelial cells
  24. What is melanin
    Brownish-black pigment substance produced by melanocytes
  25. What is the chief function of melanin
    absorption of UV rays
  26. What two substances is the epidermis rich in
    Keratin and melanin
  27. Describe the dermis
    The main dense fibrous connective tissue portion Contains collagen fibers
  28. Describe the subdermis
    • Subcutaneous connective tissue layer
    • Mainly consist of adipocytes
  29. Sudoriferous glands secrete
  30. Describe what the endocrine glands do
    They release their product or hormones into the surrounding tissue fluid
  31. What is collagen known for
    High degree of tensile strength
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