CMST Chapter 9 terms

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  1. Bullying
    a particular form of conflict in which the abuse is persistent and the person being bullied finds it very difficult to defend himself or herself
  2. Computing
    disqualifying the emotional aspects of a conflict (the context) and focusing on the rational aspects
  3. Conflict interaction
    the point in the conflict process when the differnece between two individuals become a problem and one of both people begin to address the issue
  4. Content conflict
    a conflict that revolves around an isue. also called a substantive conflict
  5. Direct and virtual use of power
    communicating the potential use of a direct application of power
  6. Direct application of power
    in a conflict situation, the use of any resourrce at our disposal to compel another to comply regardless of that person's desires
  7. distal context
    the background that frames a specific conflict
  8. distal outcomes
    the residue of having engaged in a conflict and the feelings that both the participants have about their interaction
  9. distracting
    disqualifying the subject of a conflict by distracting oth people in the conflict iwth behaviors such as laughing crying or changing the subject
  10. empowerment
    helping to actualize our own or anotehr person's power
  11. hidden power
    a type of pwoer i whichone person in a relationship surpresses or avoids decisions in the interest of one of the parties, also called unobtrusive power
  12. image conflict
    a conflict with another about one's sense of oneself
  13. indirect applicaton of power
    employing power without making its employment explicit
  14. interaction
    a necessary condition for conflict, given that conflicts are created and sustained through verbal and nonverbal communication
  15. interdependence
    a necessary condition for conflict, given taht people involved in conflict rely on each other, need each other, and are in a relationship with each other
  16. interpersonal conflict
    the interaction of interdependent people who perceive incompatival goals and interference from each other in achieving those goals
  17. meta-conflict
    a conflict about the way a conflict is conducted
  18. negative interaction ratio
    an interperosnal encounger in which the perticipants say more negative things to each other than postive things
  19. personal issue
    an issue related to a relationship that can cause a content conflict
  20. placating
    being passive or ignoring our own needs in a conflict
  21. positive interaction ratio
    an interpersonal encounter in which the participants say more postive things to each other than negative things
  22. pouncing
    responding in an aggressive manner without acknowledging the needs of another person in a conflict
  23. power
    in interperosnal relationships the ability to control the behavior of another
  24. proximal context
    the rules, emotions and beliefs of the individuals involved in a conflict
  25. proximal outcomes
    the immediate results after a conflict interaction
  26. public issue
    an issue outside a relationship that can cause a content conflict
  27. pursuit-withdrawal
    in a conflict a pattern consisting of one party pressing for a discussion about a conflictual topic while the other party withdraws
  28. relational conflict
    a conflict that focuses on issues concerning the relationship between two people
  29. relational message
    a message that defines a relationship and implicitly states that the sender has the power to define the relationship
  30. serial conflict
    conflicts that recur over time in people's everday lives, without a resolution
  31. symmetrical escalation
    in a conflict, each party choosing to increase the intensity of the conflict
  32. symmetrical negotiation
    in a conflict, each party mirroring the other's negotiating behaviors
  33. symetrical withdrawal
    in a conflict, neiter partner being willing to confront the other
  34. value conflict
    a conflict in which the content is specificallly about a question of right and wrong
  35. withdrawal-pursuit
    in a conflict, a pattern in which one party withdraws, which prompts the other party to pursue
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