Bobby's Random Notes XXIII

  1. This psychologist wrote On Narcissism
    Sigmund Freud
  2. This thinker wrote about "ethics of conviction" and "ethics of responsibility"
    Max Weber
  3. This thinker gave the Freidburg Address
    Max Weber
  4. Brunner's Glands can be found in this organ
    Small Intestines
  5. Robert Devereaux was a favorite advisor of this queen
    Elizabeth I
  6. Operation Chamberlain was launched during the term of this PM
    Neville Chamberlain
  7. This thinker wrote Religion of China and Religion of India
    Max Weber
  8. This emperor put down the Batavi Revolt
  9. Mt. Cook lies on this island
    South Island
  10. This thinker wrote the Theory of Surplus Value
    Karl Marx
  11. This man succeeded the Zangid ruler Nur ad-Din
  12. This man was Secretary of State during the Oregon Dispute
    James Buchanan
  13. The Sunshine and Shipwreck Coasts are in this country
  14. "Discover a rational kernel within a mystical shell" is in this work
    Das Kapital
  15. The Taff River flows through this city
  16. This thinker wrote the Life of Reason
  17. Al Hakim is a major figure in this religious sect
  18. Patrick Jewitt is a figure in the colonization of this area
    Falklands Islands
  19. The Hatters Case concerned this legislation
    Sherman Anti-Trust Act
  20. The Midlands Rebellion followed this event
    Gunpowder Plot
  21. The Winehard House was central to this event
  22. The Bright Cellar was integral to the event
    Gunpowder Plot
  23. This thinker wrote The Art of Packing
    Jeremy Bentham
  24. This thinker wrote The Defense of Usury
    Jeremy Bentham
  25. This man argued in the Jerry Rescue
    Daniel Webster
  26. Nam Japo is a form of meditation in this religion
  27. Aimar V fought with this man
    Richard the Lionheart
  28. This man died during an attack on Gisors
    Richard the Lionheart
  29. This man wrote Lectures on Jurisprudence
    Adam Smith
  30. The Three Pure Ones are major in this religion
  31. The Three Treasures are major in this religion
  32. This man defined the term "ceremony"
    Thorstein Veblen
  33. This man vetoed the Texas Seed Bill
    Grover Cleveland
  34. This man vetoed the Wilson-Gorman Tariff
    Grover Cleveland
  35. This emperor ruled over the February 26th Incident
  36. This king's rule was recognized by the Treaty of Winchester (Wallingford)
    Henry II
  37. George Yeardley founded this political group
    House of Burgesses
  38. Arnhem Land is in part of this country
  39. This king fought in the War of the Rough Wooing
    Henry VIII
  40. This man authored the Behistun Inscription
    Darius I
  41. This ruler's wife was Atossa
    Darius I
  42. This man authored the Virginia Plan
    James Madison
  43. The Treaty of Nerchinsk was signed by these two countries
    • Russia
    • China
  44. The Tweed River flows in this nation
    New Zealand
  45. The Tappan Brothers supported the actions of this man
    William Lloyd Garrison
  46. This politician was nicknamed "Rubbers"
    George HW Bush
  47. This ma lost in an election to Lloyd Bensen
    George HW Bush
  48. This thinker wrote Analysis of the Mind
    Bertie Russell
  49. This thinker wrote Marriage and Morals
    Bertie Russell
  50. This leader signed the Treaty of Vis
    Josip Broz Tito
  51. This man wrote about lepers and madness in Madness and Civilization
    Michel Foucault
  52. The Bava-Beccaris Massacre occurred in this country
  53. In its southern third this river is called the North River
    Hudson River
  54. The official source of this lake is Lake Tear of the Clouds
    Hudson River
  55. The Bambatha Rebellion was a revolt of these peoples
  56. The Wadden Sea National Park is in this city
  57. The Battle of Fort McAllister was fought in the siege of this city
  58. The Battle of Altamaha Bridge was fought in the siege of this city
  59. This governmental body passed the Law of Suspects and the Law of Hostages
  60. Joseph Cannon is one of the most powerful men to have held this political position
    Speaker of the House
  61. The Swakop River is a major river in this country
  62. The Skeleton Coast is along the shores of this country
  63. Girolamo Aleandro led the opposition to Martin Luther in this meeting
    Diet of Worms
  64. This politician published the book War or Peace
    John Foster Dulles
  65. This politician wouldn't shake Zhou Enlai's hand
    John Foster Dulles
  66. This man led the liberal side in the War of Reform
    Benito Juarez
  67. Pinson Mounds and the Duck River (longest entirely in this state) are in this state
  68. This man's house was Longfield in Ohio
    James A Garfield
  69. This president argued in Ex Parte Milligan
    James A Garfield
  70. This king executed Thomas Wentworth
    Charles I
  71. This group instigated the Swing Riots
  72. This group executed William Horsefall
  73. Roger E Moore may have harbored the perpetrators of this event
    OKC Bombing
  74. The Fortier couple aided in the execution of this event
    OKC Bombing
  75. The Friendship 9 worked in this state
    South Carolina
  76. The Han River is a tributary of this river
    Yangtze River
  77. This fort was once called Fort Carillon
    Fort Ticonderoga
  78. The Seven Pillars of Wisdom are found in this country
  79. Salt is a city in this country
  80. Heckled from Edward Garrick may have incited this event
    Boston Massacre
  81. This leader created the 25 point plan and the Bamburg Plan
    Adolf Hitler
  82. The Parsley Massacre killed people from this country
  83. Much of what is known by this man comes from the "John Day" letter
    John Cabot
  84. This strait lies between Cape Breton Island and Nova Scotia
    Cabot Strait
  85. This thinker posited the Labor Theory of Property
    John Locke
  86. The Cape Bon Peninsula is in this country's east
  87. The Long Valley Caldera is in this mountain range
    Sierra Nevada
  88. Devil's Postpile is in this mountain range
    Sierra Nevade
  89. The 19th of April movement occurred in this country
  90. This country organized the Green March
  91. Monomy Island lies off the coast of this peninsula
    Cape Cod
  92. The Elizabeth Islands lie off the coast of this peninsula
    Cape Cod
  93. John Swanton documented the journey of this man through the south
    Hernando De Soto
  94. This explorer beat Tuscaloosa at the Battle of Mabila
    Hernando De Soto
  95. This man was president during the Chesapeake-Leopard Affair
    Thomas Jefferson
  96. The Annamite Range lies in the West of this country
  97. Operation Winter Storm was undertaken during this battle
    Battle of Stalingrad
  98. The Slaughterpen Farm was the site of fighting in this battle
    Battle of Fredericksburg
  99. This president led a coup against Ramon Castillo
    Juan Peron
  100. This president led the relief efforts after a San Juan earthquake
    Juan Peron
  101. This man was made Labor Minister after San Juan relief efforts
    Juan Peron
  102. The Missouri Breaks are canyon system in this state
  103. This Supreme Court Justice was a member of the Liberal Three Musketeers
    Louis Brandeis
  104. The treaty of Perth ended fighting between these two nations
    • Norway
    • Scotland
  105. Alexander III was the ing of this country
  106. Tula was the capital of this civilization
  107. The Mesara Plain and archaeological site are on this island
  108. This ruler won the Battle of Solferino
    Napoleon III
  109. Felice Orsini of the Carbonari tried to assassinate this ruler
    Napoleon III
  110. The Battle of Chernaya River occurred during this war
    Crimean War
  111. This thinker posited the "Doctrine of Spirit" and the "Doctrine of Being"
    George Hegel
  112. Empress Lu ruled during this dynasty
    Han Dynasty
  113. The first Jewish US senator is from this state
  114. Ashurbanipal ruled this empire
    Assyrian Empire
  115. Ashurdan was a ruler of this empire
    Assyrian Empire
  116. The Akazu were a power group in this country
  117. The death of Gregoire Kayibanda sparked this event
    Rwandan Genocide
  118. The Battle of Newburn led to the convening of this group
    Long Parliament
  119. This country witnessed the Chimurenga Wars
  120. Water Island is part of this territory
    Virgin Islands
  121. Crown Island is part of this territory
    Virgin Islands
  122. The Pillsbury Sound is in this group of islands
    Virgin Islands
  123. This man was late to the Battle of Honno-Ji
    Tokugawa Ieyasu
  124. This president wrote the Kentucky Resolution
    Thomas Jefferson
  125. This man suppressed the Libertines
    John Calvin
  126. William Jardine was a member of this president's staff
    Herbert Hoover
  127. The Battle of Asomante occurred during this war
    Spanish-American War
  128. The Battle of Yauco occurred during this war
    Spanish-American War
  129. Ambergris Caye is the largest island in this country
  130. This man succeeded Henry Akswith as Prime Minister
    David Lloyd George
  131. The Galana is the second-longest river in this nation
  132. The Transcontinental Treaty was in part signed because of this tribe
    Seminole Indians
  133. This politician wrote My First Days in the White House
    Huey Long
  134. Phocas the Tyrant led and terrorized this empire
    Byzantine Empire
  135. King Wu and King Nan were leaders in this dynasty
    Zhou Dynasty
  136. This city lies on the Bassac River
    Phnom Penh
  137. This king conquered the Ripuarians
    Clovis I
  138. Point Pelee is a park in this lake
    Lake Erie
  139. The Stone of Scone or the Stone of Destiny was used in coronations in this country
  140. Telescope Peak is part of this national park
    Death Valley
  141. Dante's View is part of this national park
    Death Valley
  142. This emperor was attacked by a katana-wielding man in Japan
    Nicholas II
  143. Michael Levy is a member of this party
    Labour Party
  144. Salalah is a place in this country
  145. The Battle of St. George's Caye was a huge part of this country's history
  146. This man wrote Triumphant Democracy
    Andrew Carnegie
  147. Ivan Susanin rescued this man from the Poles
    Michael Romanov
  148. This man shared his reign with his father Filaret
    Michael Romanov
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