PSYC 355: Chapter 16 Part 2

  1. What is deep brain stimulation?
    mild electrical stimulation through an electrode that is surgically implanted deep in the brain
  2. What is cognitive behavioural therapy?
    therapy aimed at correcting negative thinking and improving interpersonal relationships
  3. What is cushings syndrome?
    a condition where levels of adrenal glucocorticoids are abnormally high
  4. What is the dexamethasone suppression test?
    A test of pituitary adrenal function where you give the subject dexamethasone (a glucocorticoid hormone) causign a decling in adrenal corticosteroids.
  5. What is postpartum depression?
    depression affecting a woman either before or right after giving birth
  6. What is learned helplessness?
    a learning paradigm where subjects are stuck in inescapable, unpleasant conditions
  7. What is seasonal affective disorder (SAD)?
    a depression putatively brought about by the short days of winter.
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PSYC 355: Chapter 16 Part 2
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