Patho Chapter 7

  1. Where does a male inherit his Y chromosome
    father only
  2. chromosmes other than sex cells that only have 44 chromosomes
  3. chromosomal compsition of the nucleus
    arranged by size and type
  4. genetic makeup
    physical trait
    • genotype
    • phenotype
  5. Specific site on a chromosome for a specific function or trait?
  6. Pair of genes that are different
  7. Pair of genes the same
  8. both members of the allele pair contribute to the phenotype
  9. When a person is homozygus for a defective gene
    Autosomal recessive gene disorder
  10. What are some examples of autosomoal recessive gene disorder?
    • cystic fibrosis
    • phenylketonuria(PKU)
    • sickle cell anemia
  11. Disease that impairs the exocrine glands functions

    B. cystic fibrosis
  12. Disesase that is a metabolic disorder

    C. phenylketonuria(PKU)
  13. Disease that results in deformed RBC

    A. sickle cell anemia
  14. Give examples of autosomal dominant gene disorders
    • Polydactyly-extra finger or toe
    • Polycystic kidney disease
  15. Genetic disorder when they defective gene is dominant
    autosomal dominant gene disorder
  16. Sex-linked defective disorders are normally found on which chromosome(X,Y)?
  17. Give examples of sex linked disorders
    • color blindness
    • hemophilia A
    • Duchenne's muscular dystrophy
  18. abnormal structure or number of chromosomes
    gross chromosomal disorder
  19. Give an example of gross chromosomal disorder
    down's syndrome
  20. A child is born with an autosomoal recessive disorder, neither of his parents have the disorder. What are the genotypes of his parents?
    They are both heterozygus
  21. A child is born with an autosomal recessive disorder, neither of his parents have the disorder. What is the probability that his siblings will also have the disorder?
  22. In which of the following conditions are there carriers?
    1. autosomal dominant disorder
    2. X-linked disorder
    3. autosomal recessive disorder
    4. chromsomal disorder
    2 & 3
  23. What is the classification of cystic fibrosis

    A. autosomal recessive
  24. Joannes father has hemophillia, what is the probabilty that she is a carrier of the disease
  25. Don's father had hemophillia, what is the probability of him being a carrier of the disease
  26. Don's father had hemophillia, what is the probability of Don having the disease
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