Reproductive System

  1. adnexa
    ovaries and fallopian tubes
  2. cervix
    neck of the uterus
  3. cryptorchordism
    failure of testicles to descend into scrotum
  4. dysmenorrhea
    painful menstruation
  5. dysplasia(cervical)
    abnormal tissue changes of the cervix
  6. dyspareunia
    painful intercourse
  7. ectopic pregnancy
    implantation of fertilized ovum outside of uterus
  8. endometriosis
    uterine tissue located in various sites throughout pelvis and abdominal wall
  9. epispadias
    congenital opening of urethra on dorsum of penis
  10. hydrocele (spermatic)
    fluid surrounding the testes
  11. hypospadias
    congenital opening of urethra on undersurface of penis
  12. introitus (vaginal)
    vaginal opening
  13. leukorrhea
    white or yellow discharge from the vagina
  14. lithotomy position
    position in which client lies supine with thighs flexed upon abdomen and legs upon thighs
  15. menopause
    cessation of menstrual activity
  16. menorrhagia
    excessive menstrual bleeding
  17. metrorrhagia
    bleeding from uterus, especially other than during menstrual period
  18. multigravid
    a woman who has been pregnant more than one time
  19. multiparous
    having borne more than one child
  20. nulliparous
    never having borne a child
  21. oligomenorrhea
    scanty or infrequent menstrual flow
  22. prostatitis
    inflammation of the prostate gland
  23. salpingitis
    inflammation of the fallopian tube
  24. varicocele
    enlargement of the veins of the spermatic cord
  25. vasectomy
    removal of all or some of the vas deferens to produce sterility in the male
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