History Test

  1. His assination led to WW1?
    Archduke Franz Ferdinand!:)
  2. This is a feeling of loyalty and pride for ones country?
    Nationalism. o_0
  3. People who share common tradition and language?
    Ethnic Group;]
  4. What is the "Red Baron's" nickname and what did he do?
    • Name- Baron Von Richthofen =)
    • He was a german Air "Ace" in WW1
  5. He was a U.S. air "ace" in WW1?
    • Eddie Rickenbacker =}
    • He was also a racecar driver, and a machanic.
  6. What is a German U-boat?
    • Unterseeboot :>
    • Translation-Under Sea Boat.
    • -A submarine.
  7. What were the original members of the Triple Alliance?
    • Germany =0
    • Austria-Hungary
    • Italy
    • The Triple Alliance was also called "Central Powers"
  8. Where was Archduke Franz Ferdinand assassinated?
    Serieogo, Serbia. "_"
  9. This means not taking sides?
    Neutrality =\
  10. This is information designed to influence opinion?
    Propaganda. :=)
  11. This telegram to Mexico angered Americans.
    Zimmermann Telegraph :o
  12. This is rule by one person with unlimited power?
  13. This act allowed the government to draft men between the ages 21-30?
    Selective Service Act :V
  14. This was Woodrow Wilson's campaign slogan?
    He kept us out of war :)
  15. These were WW1 slogans?
    • War to End all Wars :p
    • Great War
  16. These were navy ships that escorted merchant ships across the Atlantic Ocean?
    Convoys :P
  17. Group of communists that took over Russia in 1917?
    Bolskeviks. =P
  18. Who was Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov?
    • His name was Nicolai Lenin =p
    • He overthrewe Czar Nicholas
  19. What does AEF stand for and who led it?
    • American Expeditionary Force
    • Led by John J. "Black Jack" Pershing.
  20. Chateau Thierry, Belleau Wood, Argone Forest were _____ victories in WW1.
    Allied ;p
  21. This is an end to the fighting?
    • Armistice :D
    • Nov. 11 1918 was Armistice Day it is now Veterans Day to honor
    • All veterans instead of just thoes in WW1
  22. He was the leader of Germany in WW1?
    Kaiser Willham II ;D
  23. A new weapon that was introduced by Germans in WW1?
    Poison Gas =D
  24. The gathering of resources in preparatoin for war?
    mobilizaton D;
  25. Loaning the government money for war effort?
    Liberty Bonds D:
  26. These people believed industry should be owned by the public?
    Socialists D=
  27. People who are against violence?
    Pacifists <:0)
  28. This is spying?
    Espionage :d
  29. This is an action to damage the war effort?
    • Sabotage o:
    • originated from Sabot -a French word meaning "Shoe"
  30. He was the heir to the Austria-Hungary throne?
    Archduke Franz Ferdinand
  31. Identify!!
    The lusitania was a British passenger ship. It was sunk by a German U-boat. A U-boat is a submarine or an Unterseeboot. Unterseeboot means under sea boat. This happened in May in 1915. About 1,100 people died. 128 of thoes were Americans. When passengers boarded the boat they were warned about possible U-boat attacks. The ship was carrying war materials such as bombs and ammunition so the extra weight made it sink faster. It took about 15 min for the Lusitania to sink. From then on passenger ships were not allowed to carry war materials.
    In late 1915 there was a ship called the Sussex. It was a French neutral ship that was damaged by a German U-boat. A U-boat is a submarine or an Unterseeboot. Unterseeboot means under sea boat. The Sussex Pledge made it so the Germans had to pay for the damages to America. It also made it so they had to warn neutral ships before attacking them.
    The Zimmerman telegraph was a telegraph that Zimmermann sent to Mexico in Feb. 1917. The Zimmerman telegraph angered Americans. The telegraph stated that if Mexico would help Germany defeat the U.S. they would get Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico back, The U.S. did not want Mexico to be on Germanys side. However, the telegraph was intersected before it made it to Mexico.
    In 1917 communists took over Russia. The Bylorussians were over thrown by the Red Russians. Czar Nicholas was over thrown by Nicolai Lenin. Czar Nicholas was the last czar of Russia. Nicolai Lenin was also called Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov. After this Russia became the Soviet Socialist Republic.
    From 1914 to 1920 there was a mass movement of African Americans to Nothern citites. They were looking for goods and jobs. Many did find jobs. They were able to replace workers who went to fight in the war. However the mass amount of people led to many being homeles, without jobs, and without food.
    Archduke Franz Ferdinand was born in Graz, Austria. Because his cousin died when he was 12, he became the heir to the Austria-Hungary throne. He was assassinated on Sunday June 28th 1914 along with his wife, Sophie, who was pregnant at the time. They were both assassinated by Princip who shot them both. They say that his last word was "Sophie." His assassination led to WW1.
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