Unit 13

  1. evolution
    a change in organisms over time (i.e., descendants are slightly different from ancestors)
  2. founder effect
    a type of genetic drift that occurs when only a small number of individuals from a population are present at the establishment ("founding") of a new population
  3. Gene Frequency
    the percentage of one allele out of all alleles for that particualr gene in a population
  4. Gene Flow
    exchange of genes by migration between populations
  5. gene pool
    the total number of alleles for a specific gene in a population
  6. genetic drift
    random changes in gene frequency due to sampling error
  7. genetic equilibrium
    the condition in which all assumptions of the Hardy-Weinberg Law are met and gene frequencies do not change over time
  8. Hardy-Weinberg Law
    gene frequencies do not change over time as a consequence of gentic recombinations during sexual reproduction (provided certain critical assumptions are met)
  9. natural selection
    non-random and differential survival of indivudals in a population due to favorable conditions in the survivors
  10. population bottleneck
    a type of genetic drift in which population size is sharply reduced due to some catastrophic event
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