Biology 3-4

  2. Insect Resistance
    • Insecticides- horrible for us, must have license to use, poisoning from this is common.
    • Add a gene to make cotton resistant to bull worm without spraying pesticide.
    • Trait- insect resistant.
    • BT Cotton- soil microorganisms (bacteria) inserted this into a cotton plant now the cotton grows up and the bull worm cant eat it.
    • Can no longer spray
  3. Herbicide Resistance
    • Engineer a plant for this
    • Glyphosate-round up
    • Weeds grow either have to till them up or spray round up.
    • Round up will kill any plant- non toxic to humans- gone within a day
    • Make crop resistant to round up so you can spray on the field
    • They added glyphosate (round up) resistance trait
  4. Improved Nutrition
    • People who eat tons of rice lack vitamin A
    • Added genes from other plants which contribute to an increases vitamin A in rice
  5. Adapt to Local Conditions
    • Lots of flat land around the world cannot be farmed on
    • Many people are going hungry because of this
    • Women needed to develop a sweet potato to fight certain bugs
    • Now they plant this certain sweet potato so the bugs cant eat it and there is enough for the children and some to sell
  6. Health Concerns to GM crops
    • When you dont understand something it scares you
    • Many people have health concerns
    • 19 years since we have been eating GM crops and there has not been one case of someone getting hurt from it
    • GM crops have to be certified safe by EFA, Food and Drug Administration, Us Department of Agriculture
    • Have to pass a test saying they are not toxic, cannot cause allergic reaction, cannot be nutritionally deficient
  7. Environmental Concerns to GM Crops
    • Harmful to non-target organisms- Something other than the one you are trying to treat.
    • Butterflies dying because of spray to kill certain bugs.
    • But they put it in a real situation and they chose other foods so they didnt die.
  8. Resistance
    Become resistant to the BT
  9. Gene Flow
    • What if pollen from this plant goes to a non genetically modified plant, yes possible
    • When you plant GM plants must have a buffer in between plants
    • Also working on getting modified plants not in the pollen
  10. Transgenic Animals- Livestock
    • One reason you might GM an animal would be for leaner meat
    • Aqua Bounty- GM a salmon that grows to market size in half the time.
    • Dont end up bigger just grow faster.
    • Feed them less cause they digest better.
    • Almost ready for market
  11. Transgenic Animals- Medical Uses
    • Putting human immune system genes in pigs then being able to transplant them to humans
    • Many humans die each year waiting for transplants
    • Lab animals dont get a lot of diseases, when testing new treatments must do it on humans
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