Sem2Mini1 Anatomy

  1. Neurocrest cells forms
    • Dorsal root ganglia;
    • Sympathetic ganglia; Medulla of suprarenal gland
    • Preaortic ganglia
    • Enteric ganglia in wall of the gut tube.
    • Leptomeninges (Pia and Arachnoid;)
    • Glial cells;
    • Schwann cells; Conotroncal septum of the heart; Odontoblasts;
    • Melanocytes; as well as connective tissue and several bones of face and skull
  2. Alar Plate
    Dorsal horn, under BMP forming sensory areas of the spinal chord
  3. Notochord (basalar plate)
    Ventral horn, under SHH forming the motor areas of the spinal chord
  4. Alar and basal plate seperation
    Sulcus limitan
  5. sensory pain of the dura
    • Above the tenorium (anterior and posterior cranial fossae and flax cerebra) via V1 and v2
    • Middle cranial fossa = V3
    • belwo the tentorium is the CN X and IX
  6. neuropore closure
    Anterior closure by mid 4th week and posterior by late 4th week
  7. COLOBOMA of the IRIS
    Failure of the Choroid fissure to close, produces a dark notch ( cleft) within the Iris
  8. Hindbrain (metencephalon)
    Cerebellum and pons
  9. Hindbrain (myelencephalon)
  10. Forebrain(telencephalon)
    Brain white/grey, corpus callosum, internal capsule, olfactory bulb
  11. Forebrain(diencephalon)
    • Hypothalamus
    • Dorsal thalamus
    • Third ventricle
  12. Scaphocephaly
    • Premature sagittal suttre closure
    • long head like "alien"
  13. Brachycephaly
    • Premature closure of coronal suture
    • fat wide head like hammer head
  14. Meningeoencephalocele
    • Brain herniation out of badly formed skull like in spine
    • meningocele-->menigoencephalocele-->meneingohydroencephalocele
  15. Metopic suture
    • frontal skull bone median suture that disappears in adults
    • sometimes resistant to mimic a fracture
  16. Anterior and posterior fontanelle
    • wide and large sutures while you are a baby
    • posterior closes by 3-6 month after birth
    • anterior closes around middle of second year (becomes the bregma)
  17. Foramen of Munroe and sylvius
    CSF flow from lateral ventricles into the 3rd and 4th ventricle respectively
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