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  1. Layers of the Integumentary System
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  2. Epidermal Layers
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  3. What are the 2 main Layers of the Integumentary System?
    • Epidermis
    • Dermis
  4. What are the 5 layers of epidermis?
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  5. Deepest layer of epidermis
    Single layer, lies on top of Dermis
    Mitosis takes place here

    Contains: Melanocytes, keratinocytes and granules of melanin
    Stratum Basale
  6. Several layers of keratinocytes, flatter irregular shapes or spiny
    Connected with desmosomes

    Contains: keratinocytes (dead cells),
    melanin (UV shield) and Langerhans cells (activate immune system)
    Stratum Spinosum
  7. Keratohyalin in cytoplasm that forms keratin
    Lamellated granules contain glycolipid for:
    Water proofing
    Slows water loss
    Resistant to destruction
    Nuclei begin to desintegrate becasue cells are too far from blood suplly
    Stratum Granulosum
  8. Clear band of cells with few layers of indestinct boundaries
    Made of dead Karatinocytes
    Found only in thick epidermis
    Stratum lucidum (clear)
  9. Outermost layer
    20-30 shingle like
    Waterproofing layers
    Protects from biological, chemical, and physical assaults
    Stratum Corneum
  10. What are the 2 layers of the Dermis?
    • Papillary (superficial layer)
    • Reticular (deeper layer)
  11. Layer that consists of collagen and elastin giving framework to Areolar tissue
    Abundant in blood vessels, pain receptors (nerve endings), and
    Meissner's Corpuscles (touch receptors)
    Dermal ridges contain sweat glands along the crest (finger prints)
    Papillary Layer
  12. Layer made of collagenous fibers (elastic and reticular)
    collagen binds water, elastin stretch and recoil
    contain tension lines and flexure lines (joints)

    Striae: strecth marks are tearing of the dermis
    Reticular Layer
  13. How many layers of the dermis are there?
    What are they?
    • 2
    • Reticular, Papillary
  14. How many layers of epidermis are there?
    What are they?
    • 5
    • Stratum Basale
    • Stratum Spinosum
    • Stratum Granulosum
    • Stratum Lucidum
    • Stratum Corneum
  15. What skin layer contains flexible areolar tissue in the uppermost layer and
    Dense Irregular CT in the deeper layer?
  16. What controls skin color?
  17. What is Redness in the skin called?

    Blood vessel dialation due to blushing, fever, hypertension or
    allergic reaction.
  18. Another word for paleness?

    blood vessel constriction due to fear, stress, anemia
    and hypotension
  19. This is a condition due to a liver disorder spilling bile pigments
    into tissues
  20. Bruising due to blood escaping from the blood vessels
    and clotting underneath?
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