1. abiotic
    pertaning to the non-living components of an environemnt (e.g., light, temperature, nutrients)
  2. biomass
    mass of organisms; standing crop
  3. biotic
    pertaining to the organisms in an environment
  4. community
    interacting populations of different species that occur in the same habitat
  5. competition
    an interaction between two orgnisms that simultaneously require the same resource
  6. decomposer
    organisms that obtain their energy and nutrietns by degrading organic matter
  7. ecological pyramids
    a graphic representation of the trophic structure of an ecosystem in which numbers or biomass are represented in a pyramid, with the producer level forming the base and successive levels of consumers above it
  8. ecosytem
    the organisms and non-living componets of the physical enivronment at a particular site
  9. food web
    a graphic representation of the interconnected feeding relationships among organims in a community
  10. habitat
    the physical space occupied by an organism
  11. niche
    the ecological role of a species in an environment (characterized by both biotic an abiotic elements)
  12. predation
    an interaction between organisms in which one organism (prey) is consumed by the other (predator)
  13. prey
    an organism that is killed for food by another organism
  14. predator
    an organism that kills other organisms for food
  15. priamary consumer
    organisms for feed on prducers; herbivores
  16. producer
    autotrophs; priamrly photosynthetic organisms that synthesize organic substances from inorganic materials
  17. secondary consumer
    organism that eat other consumers; carnivores
  18. trophic level
    position in the food chain
  19. trophic structure
    the organization of a community based on the feeding relationships of the component populations
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