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  1. 98% of the notifications of deaths comes to the funeral home by means of
  2. a burial transit permit is needed for all of the following except
    catholic burial mass
  3. the proper word which means the placing of remains in a crypt in a mausoleum is
  4. a container for cremains is called
  5. the holy book of the Islam faith is the
  6. the person who usually makes the notification of death to the funeral home is the
    member of the family
  7. whenever any jewelry is found on the deceased during a residence removal, you as the funeral director should
    check with the family about the jewelry & remove it if they so desire
  8. which of the following is NOT a function of the American Board of Funeral Service Education
    administer the national board exam
  9. an obituary can best be defined as
    a brief biographical sketch of a persons life.
  10. the death certificate contains all of the following except the
    religious affiliation
  11. when the remains have been prepared at the mortuary & later taken to a Presbyterian church for the funeral service, the funeral director normally provides all of the following except
    prie dieu
  12. the NFDA "code of ethics" is based upon
    the golden rule
  13. when a person dies at home without medical attention, an official inquiry is made by the
  14. the committal service is usually held at the
    grave site
  15. of the following, who has the preference to receive the burial flag for a deceased veteran
  16. the part of a handle of a casket the casketbearer grasps to lift the casket is called the
  17. tailored is a style of casket
  18. extra sizes of caskets increase for each extra width by
    2 inches
  19. the base molding is a part of a casket
  20. when the interior material is tightly stretched across the panel of the casket is said to be
  21. a wood state casket labeled 6/6XXX would measure in length 6'6" & in width
    28 inches
  22. a casket which has sides that are vertical or at right angles to the bottom is called
    the state casket
  23. a non movable handle that extends all the way around the casket is called an
    stationary bar handle
  24. a method of pricing which places a price on three separate items of service such as a casket, facilities & automobiles is called
  25. a pricing procedure which creates a total price for service & casket is called
  26. a pricing procedure which places a price on each & every item of service & merchandise is called
  27. a pricing procedure which places seperate price on caskets & seperate prices on service fees is called
  28. methods of figuring a formula price are
    • 1. functional
    • 2. unit
    • 3. bi-unit
  29. which of the following is a source of expense in the funeral business
  30. which of the following is a disadvantage of itemized pricing
    possible elimination of certain items of service resulting in loss of overhead recovery
  31. which of the following is a source of income in the funeral business
    non-formula services
  32. any pricing method would be based on
    • 1. average overhead per adult formula service
    • 2. mark-up on wholesale casket costs
    • 3. wholesale casket cost
  33. which of the following is an advantge of bi-unit pricing method
    place realistic value on casket
  34. if total overhead for a funeral home was $65,000 for a fiscal period & the firm did 100 services, what would the average overhead per service be
  35. if a casket cost 100$ wholesale & the funeral homes fixed multiple was 5, what would the selling price of that casket be
  36. if a funeral home had an average overhead of 650$ & the wholesale cost of casket was $100 & the funeral director marked his casket up 100% what would the unit price be?
  37. if a casket cost $200 wholesale & was sold for $1,000 & the average overhead per funeral was $500 what would the net profit be?
  38. a gathered type of casket interior made on a sewing machine with a multiple number of needles is called
  39. the metal used in the shell of a 20 gauge steel casket would be
    1/20 inch thick
  40. a metal or concrete enclosure designed to protect the casket is called
  41. the crown & ogee are part of the casket
  42. the part of the handle which is attached to the casket is the
  43. a burial vault which is closed by placing the dome over the base is called an
    air seal
  44. the lenght of a standard adult wood is
  45. the length of a standard adult metal is
  46. the efficient utlization & adequate regulaton of all revenue, expenditures & capital rights is
    finance managment
  47. the achieving of economical, orderly & adequate distribution of products & services is
    marketing managment
  48. the planning, organizing, actuating & controlling of office work is
    office management
  49. the obtaining & maintaining of a satisfactory & satisified workforce is
    personnel managment
  50. the obtaining & maintaining of adequate work space & funeral equipment
    facilities management
  51. which of the following is the principal interest group for all funeral service personnel
    nathional funeral directors association
  52. the portion of the funeral home which contains caskets & other funeral merchandise displayed for sale is the
    selection room
  53. a monument erected to the memory of the dead, with the dead human body not present is
    a cenotaph
  54. a printed form the funeral home uses specifically for the funeral director & the family to make funeral & financial arrangements is the
    arrangement form
  55. the act of placing a dead human body is a grave is called
  56. one who is lacking the necessities of life is said to be
  57. the dissecting of a remains for the purpose of ascertaining the cause of death is
    a necropsy
  58. a device upon which caskets are placed one on top of the other for display is known as
    casket rack
  59. a man who has lost his spouse by death is
    a widower
  60. the individual who supplies the statistical data concerning the deceased at the funeral arrangment conference is
  61. the document between the selled & the buyer stipulating items furnished, the price of said items & the terms of payment is the
    sale contract
  62. a crepe badge or floral design placed on the door indicating the death of an individual is a
    door badge
  63. an area set aside in a cemetery for several grave spaces, usually containing two, four or six grave spaces is a
  64. the distinct process consisting of planning, organizing, actuating & controlling performance to accomplish established objectives is
  65. which of the following actions is improper, regarding the U.S flag used in military funeral service
    lowering the flag into the grave with the deceased veteran
  66. a gasket sealer container used as either an insert into a casket or as a shipping case is
    a ziegler case
  67. a jewish term for the anniversary of death is
  68. birch is used in casket construction to manufacture
    solid wood caskets
  69. corrugated fiberboard is a material used in casket shell construction that is classified as
    a wood by-product
  70. the process of coating ferrous metals with zinc is
  71. which of the following types of cloth covered exterior has raised designs above the surface of the material?
  72. the rubber gasket used on sealer casket is generally compressed between the rim flange & the
    top body molding flange
  73. an example of a lining material used in casket construction is
    linen weave
  74. an example of a backing material used in casket construction is
  75. an example of a padding material used in casket construction is
    shredded paper
  76. the part of the casket hardware that covers the exposed ends of the bar is the
  77. the thickness of a ferrous metal casket is measured in
  78. the body of the casket includes the
    base molding
  79. in the construction of swing bar hardware, the arm attaches the bar to the
  80. the rim is part of the casket
  81. the thickness of a non-ferrous metal casket is measured in
    oz per sq ft
  82. the component part of the throw that hangs down into the body of the casket is the
  83. a transfer container which consists of wooden tray with a corrugated covering for the casket is known as
    an air tray
  84. an eight sided casket is referred to as
    an octagon casket
  85. an outer enclosure which entraps air via its domeshaped construction uses which of the following closure methods
    air seal
  86. the suggested volume of containers used for cremated bodies is
    200 cubic inches
  87. a casket in which the sides are vertical or at right angles to the casket bottom is
    a state casket
  88. adult caskets normally increase in length by
    3 in increments
  89. which of the following is an example of a grave liner
  90. the jewish term for a seven day mourning period that begins on the day of burial is
  91. in the jewish faith, the skull cap worn by the men at temple & funeral services is a
  92. the jewish term for the 30 day mourning period is
  93. one who is authorized to read the lessons & scripture in a Christian Science Church
  94. which of the following is not used to identify the room in a funeral home where a remains lies in state
    resting room
  95. the time limit for filing for Socical Security Lump Sum Death Benifit payment is
    2 years from date of death
  96. the time limit for filing for the V.A "Application for Burial Benifits" is
    2 years from the date of cremation or permanent burial
  97. a religious singer who assits a Rabbi is a
  98. one who carries the casket during the funeral service is
    a casketbearer
  99. the portion of the funeral service which is conducted at the place of disposition is the
    committal service
  100. which of the following is the most appropriate for a funeral director to do before leaving the next of kin after making the removal
    set a time for the arrangment conference
  101. the Icon is associated with the
    Orthodox Church
  102. the Trisagion is part of the
    Orthodox funeral right
  103. architecturally, the liturgical Protestant church, the part of the church containing the alter is the
  104. which of the following is being used when the funeral director does not remain in the selection room thruout the selection process
    indirect presentation
  105. a procedure that shows separately the price of the services to be rendered & the price of the casket is
    bi-unit pricing
  106. a procedure by which charges are broken down into several major components is
    functional pricing
  107. a procedure by which each & every function & item of merchandise is priced separately is
    itemized pricing
  108. a procedure which creates one total package for both services & merchandise is
    unit pricing
  109. if the family requests that the casket be opened in the church during the actual funeral service, the funeral director should
    consult the clergy
  110. the entry way into the church proper is the
  111. the middle sale when sales for a given period of time are arranged in order of their increasing value is the
    median sale
  112. the grouping of 3 or 4 caskets used to educate the selecting clientele in casket construction is
    educational grouping
  113. the purchasing, pricing, display & sale of merchandise items specific to the funeral service is
    funeral merchandising
  114. most infant caskets increase in length in increments of
    6 in
  115. the term meaning the ending portion of a Catholic funeral mass is
  116. a dignity conferred upon roman catholic bishops or priests making them "princes of the church" is known as the station of
  117. the seating or auditorium section of the church is the
  118. the first letters for the Greek word for Jesus are
  119. the Jewish term for a funeral cortege is
  120. stated directions in the Liturgical Protestant church regarding church practices & procedures are
  121. a holy picture in the Orthodox church is
    an icon
  122. the Christian Burial Permit is issued by the
    Catholic Church
  123. who recieves the flag of a deceased veteran if there is no surviving spouse?
    child of the deceased
  124. a casket constructed of cherry is a
    solid wood casket
  125. which of the following may be utlized during the Roman Catholic funeral rite
    sacred heart
  126. of the following, who could not be buring is a national cemetery
    parents of any member of the armed forces
  127. the prie dieu in the Roman Catholic church signifies
    a kneeling bench or rail
  128. any Western Christian who is not adherent to the Roman Catholic faith is known as
    a Protestant
  129. an honorary title conferred upon Roman Catholic priests is
  130. a crucifier in the Roman Catholic church is
    a person who carries the crucifix in a ecclesiastical procession
  131. when used, the mogen david is placed
    at the foot of the casket
  132. in the funeral procession, the family care should be placed
    directly after the funeral coach
  133. the sum of a group of sale figures divided by the number of units is known as the
    average sale
  134. the head of the Roman Catholic church is the
  135. the acting of placing the remains in a mausoleum crypt is
  136. the total of all sales divided by the number of sales is known as the
    mean sale
  137. an interior material found in caskets that has a smooth shiny face & is dull on the back is
  138. the practitioner is the officiant of the
    Chrisitan Science funeral rite
  139. the rosary service is usually held the night before
    a Roman Catholic funeral rite
  140. music played before a funeral service is the
  141. which of the following is a lining material that is used in casket construction
  142. a commemorative inscription on a tomb or monument is
    an epitaph
  143. wood that has been shredded into spaghetti like strings or thing shavings is
  144. embalming is usually not practiced by the
    Orthodox Jewish faith
  145. a price determination method whereby the casket cost is multiplied by a constant factor describes
    fixed multiple pricing
  146. the place about the altar of a church that encloses the clergy & other officials is the
  147. a type of casket interior style in which the casket material is drawn together in parallel fashion with a specific sewing process
  148. the selling method in which the funeral director is in the selection room with the family thruout thier selection process is the
    direct presentation method
  149. the number of sheets of ferrous metal necessary to equal approximately one inch of thickness is the
  150. a legal document containing vital statistics, dispostion & final medical information pertaining to the deceased is the
    death certificate
  151. the largest expense for a funeral home is
  152. a burial vault which is sealed by placing a dome over the base is
    an air seal burial vault
  153. the document that can be procured when the completed death certificate is filed is the
    burial-transit permit
  154. a place to which remains are removed pending indentification by relatives is the
  155. which of the following is a Jewish term for a tasseled shawl worn by men during prayer services
  156. the one who carries a cross in an ecclesiastical procession is the
  157. the head of a Roman Catholic diocese is a
  158. the Orthodox Jewish funeral may be held
    in the funeral home chapel
  159. the Orthodox funeral is held
    with the casket open during the service
  160. an alloy of copper, tin & sometimes zinc is
  161. which of the following religions places restrictions on the removal of their dead
    Orthodox Jews
  162. the founder of the Church of Christ, Scientist was
    Mary Baker Eddy
  163. a leak resistant zippered bad designed to contain a dead human body & body fluids & used manly for the removal of dead human remains from the place of death is a
  164. which of the following would lead the processional & recessional in a non-liturgical Protestant funeral service
  165. which of the following would lead a liturgical Protestant funeral procession
  166. which of the following religions does not permit the use of candles, cross, or crucifix in thier funeral service
  167. the wedged shaped portion of the cap of a casket at each end of the crown is the
  168. the trisagion is associated with which of the following religious funeral rites
  169. the priest leads the processional & recessional for which of the following funeral rites
  170. a solid screen, covered with icons, at the front of the Orthodox church is the
  171. the officiant for the Christian Science funeral service is the
  172. a symbol of grie that is a tear in the upper corner of the garment or on symbolic ribbon worn by the survivors is known as
  173. the ceremony of washing the deceased before burial by the Chevra Kaddisha is the
  174. another name for the ogee of the casket shell is
  175. the part of the casket interior which folds out over the top body molding for aesthetic purposes is the
  176. which of the following is not a material used in the construction of a burial vault
    pressed wood
  177. which of the following is not a material that is used to line concrete burial vaults
  178. which of the following is considered a source of income for a funeral home
    sale of burial clothing
  179. a strip of metal, plastic or cloth attached to the inside of the casket panel which covers the point where the roll is anchored is the
  180. a division of the total into four intervals, each one representing one-forth of the total is known as a
  181. which of the following individuals cannot certify the cause of death on a death certificate
  182. the jewish eulogy is known as
  183. in the funeral procession to the cemetery, the casketbearers should
    precede the funeral coach
  184. what is the minimum number of people required to conduct an American Legion funeral service
  185. an exterior finish in which the casket surface is coated with a substance that wrinkles as it dries is
    a crinkled finish
  186. which of the following religions uses temple clothing
    Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
  187. paschal candles are used in the
    Roman Catholic faith
  188. which of the following is an example of a cash advance
    public transportation
  189. which of the following would be a nonsectarian funeral rite
    American Legion
  190. which of the following terms refers to the completing of the sevice & financial details of a funeral
    funeral arrangments
  191. funeral arrangments made in advanced of need that do not include provisions for funding or prepayment are
    preplanned funeral arrangments
  192. which of the following statements regarding the pall is false
    it can be placed on top of the american flag
  193. the vestibule of the church is located
    at the entry way of the church
  194. the officiant of a Christian Science funeral is called the
  195. the focal point in the strict liturgical church is
    the cross
  196. a component part of the casket handle is the
  197. the width of oversize caskets are indicated by "X's" & each X indicates an increase in width by
    2 inches
  198. in a manufacturers standard metal casket is 23 in wide, what would the width of a XXX casket be
    29 in
  199. all ferrous metals used in casket construction contain
  200. a material primarily used as a backing material in the construction of caskets is
  201. a non movable handle consisting of a lug only is
    a bail handle
  202. the main purpose of grave liners is to provide
    support from the earth load
  203. it is recommended that a casket selection room carry a maximum of
    30 caskets
  204. which of the following is not a part of the preselection room procedures
    discussing the advantages & disadvantages of each unit
  205. crushed is known as a casket
    interior style
  206. vaults are
    measured by inside dimensions
  207. masselin is a casket
    backing material
  208. a casket that is completely sealed by fusion or soldering is
    hermetically sealed
  209. which of the following is appropriate for casket placement in the liturgical church
    it may be parallel or at right angles to the altar
  210. a news item announcing the death of a person which usually contains a biographical sketch is
    an obituary
  211. a Roman Catholic sacrament given to those seriously ill or in danger of dying, to prepare their souls for eternity is the
    sacrament of the sick
  212. a style of casket interior created by placing a padding material between a lining material & a backing material, with subsequent stitches taken, forming small raised puffs defines a
    tufted interior
  213. which of the following is restricted in their casket selection, due to their religious belief
    Orthodox Jewish
  214. the part of the casket handle that is grasped by the casketbearers is the
  215. the base molding is part of the casket
  216. when the interior material is tightly stretched across the panel of the casket it is said to be
  217. an exterior casket finish created when the base metal is coated by another metal via an electrolytic process is
  218. the part of the handle that is attached to the body of the casket is the
  219. which of the following is the officiant at a funeral service for the Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints
  220. which of the following would not be provided for a deceased Catholic's rosary service
    prayer shawl
  221. the Social Security lump sum death benefit would be paid to which of the following individuals
    the spouse of the deceased
  222. a letter or form from a Priest stating the eligibility of the deceased for burial in a Roman Catholic Cemetery is known as a
    Christian Burial Certificate
  223. an ecclesiastic attached to the chapel of a military unit is known as a
  224. the candle which is placed between the casket & the altar during a Roman Catholic funeral mass is the
    paschal candle
  225. a cemetery created & maintained under an Act of Congress is called
    a national cemetery
  226. the type of lighting used in a funeral home that reflects off of the ceiling is
    indirect lighting
  227. the preferred location of the selection room is the
    main level of the funeral home
  228. a case or receptacle for dead human remains which is anthropoidal in shape describes a
  229. a galvanized finish is applied to
    steel burial vaults for protection
  230. an example of a transfer container is
    an air tray
  231. a component part of the casket hardware is the
  232. a type of exterior covering used on caskets is
  233. a merchandising method of using three or four caskets to educate the selecting party regarding the elements of casket construction is known as a
    educational grouping
  234. velvet is a type of casket
    lining material
  235. when taking information about a death over the telephone, the funeral director should
    have crisp & clear diction
  236. an underground cemetery of rooms or galleries with recesses for burial purposes defines
  237. the moving of the dead human body from the place of death to the funeral home or other designated place is known as the
    transfer of remains
  238. the lining attached to the undersuface of the foot panel of the casket is known as the
  239. when a person dies at home without medical attention an offical inquiry will be made by the
  240. which of the following is not a hardwood used in casket construction
  241. a casket designed to display the deceased from the head to foot is a
    perfection full couch casket
  242. who leads the processional & recessional of a non-liturgical protestant funeral service
  243. the open area before the alter in the Orthodox church is the
  244. all honorably discharges veterans are entitled to
    a flag
  245. which of the following has no time limit for filing the appropriate Veterans Administration application for benefits
  246. eligibility for the Social Security lump-sum death benefit is measured by
    how many quarters of coverage the deceased had accumulated
  247. which of the following could be a part of a Roman Catholic funeral rite
    sacred heart
  248. a sale of merchandise in one of the four pricing categories based on the median as the low unit of the third quartile is the
    quartile sale
  249. which of the following weights are commonly used in the construction of copper caskets
    32 & 48 oz
  250. which of the following would lead a liturgical protestant funeral procession
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