Cardiology PANCE review

  1. which is the most common type of cardiomyopathy
    Dialated cardiomyopathy: this condition is often idiopathic but can be induced by progression of ischemia, myodarditis, alcohol consumption, adriamycin, diabetes, pheochromocytoma, thiamine deficency, thyroid disease, and valve replacement the other type of cardiomyopathies and hypertrophic and restrictive
  2. What drugs have been shown to regress LV hypertrophy and reduce LV mass?
    Beta blockers, alpha-methyldopa, ACE inhibitors, thiazide diuretics
  3. What is the most common mechanism responsible for SVT?
    AV node reentry
  4. What are the most common causes of SVT?
    myocardial ischemia, myocardial infarction, congestive heart failure, pericarditis, rheumatic heart disease, mitral valve prolapse, preexitation syndrome, COPD, ethano intoxication, hypoxia, pneumonia, sepsis, digoxin toxicity
  5. What are the physiologic characteristics of dialated cardiomyophathies?
    • reduced ejection fraction
    • high end diastolic filling volumes and pressures
    • reduced cardiac output
    • high pulmonary capillary wedge pressures
  6. What are the common clinical presentations that can occur with dialated cardiomyopathy?
    • Fatigue
    • exertional dyspnea
    • orthopnea
    • they commonly have an S3, and a LV/RV heave.
    • mitral and or tricuspid reguritation, JVD, rales, edema, low voltage EKG and signs of cardiomegally by CXR
  7. What are the physiologic aspects of restricted cardiomyopathy?
    Normal systolic contractibility, reduction in diastolic relaxation and filling capacity, high LV end diastolic filling pressures, high pulmonary wedge pressures especially with exercise
  8. What are the common causes of restrictive cardiomyopathy?
    • Most are idiopathic
    • also: infiltrative disease (sarcoid, amyloid, storage disease)
    • other potential causes include radaition exposure and cancer
  9. What are the common clinical presentation
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Cardiology PANCE review
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