exam 1

  1. pharmacies only stock CII to CV drugs.
    CI are street drug and are not prescribed
  2. the chemical name is an accurate description of a substance's composition.
    Ex. salt = sodium
  3. Ancef
  4. Pipracil
  5. Keflex
  6. Minocin
  7. Levaquin
  8. Tamiflu
  9. Alprazolam
  10. Diazepam
  11. Bioequivalence in the comparison between drugs from different manufacturers or in the same company but from different batches of drugs.
    Same active ingredient, different inactive ingredient
  12. Federal and State Laws Govern pharmacy
    Federal and State Laws Govern pharmacy
  13. The letter "C" is used to identify scheduled drugs
    Strongest CI - CII - CIII - CIV - CV Weakest

    CI drugs have been determined by the FDA to have no medical use.
  14. A new generic competition is permitted by the FDA to market the generic drug without repeating the research to prove them safe and effective.
  15. Rx is an abbreviation for recipe.
    Rx = recipe
  16. Non legend drugs is any drug that can be purchased OTC and without a prescription
    OTC = over the counter
  17. There is always a two person check system when dealing with narcotics.
  18. Function of the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency)
    DEA= Federal agency within the U.S. Department of Justice that enforces U.S. laws and regulations related to controlled substances
  19. Function of FDA (Food and Drug Administrationn)
    U.S. Department of Health and Human Services responsible for assuring the safety, efficancy, and security of drugs.
  20. Who assigns the generic name of a drug?
  21. Levels are counted and logged each time a controlled substance is removed from or added back to the pharmacy stock
    stock is logged each time controlled substances are removed or added back to pharmacy stock
  22. QID
    Four times a day
  23. As needed
  24. As directed
  25. Prescription
  26. Evening
  27. With
    C or w/
  28. tid
    three times a day
  29. tab
  30. hs
  31. mg
  32. bid
    twice a day
  33. DC
  34. Opiates are created from apium which comes from?
    A poppy plant
  35. What is a side effect?
    exected effect; adverse reaction is an unexpected effect
  36. What does expiration date represent?
    Shelf life
  37. What you cannot do as a Pharmacy Technician is.
    Take phone orders / Council patients
  38. What is a monograph?
    has all information about a drug except where you can obtain it.
  39. What does Stat mean?
    immediately or within 15 min or less.
  40. What is the chemical name for salt?
    Sodium (Na)
  41. How do you verify a DEA# ?
    • 1) first letter is either A, B, F, or M
    • 2) second letter must be the 1st letter of the prescriber's last name.
    • 3) add the 1st, 3rd, and 5th numbers in the DEA set
    • 4) add the 2nd, 4th, and 6th numbers, then multiply by 2
    • 5) add the 2 sums together
    • 6) the last digit from that total must match the last number in the DEA set.
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